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Brother Allen [pseudonym for Wilford Woodruff, member of the Quorum of the Twelve at the time] gave us much good instructions. At the close of the conference several Indian Missionaries were set apart. I was set apart by Brother Allen [Woodruff] as Counselor to President Jesse N. Smith. This was done by the spirit of revelation in and through the Apostle and President Jesse N. Smith. I returned to the farm where we were visited by several of the young men from Sunset, also my daughter Lenora (Catherine’s daughter living at Woodruff) and Alma Doxey. Nora returned to Woodruff. The boys went for some poles and got eighty onto the ground. John and Thomas went to Snowflake and I planted corn, sowed some buckwheat. On Sunday morning, July 6, found five head of horses in the wheat. We have had much damage done our crops by stock. Hope to get the fence up soon as possible so that we may prosper in our new homes. This day went to Snowflake, held meeting and had much liberty in talking. During this conference, we presented some names to bring out the water in Woodruff.

June 14

Went to J. Millett’s and administered to him and baptized Jerry Wamsley. Watered, put in some turnips. Hyrum stayed to help. We put up sixteen rods of fence on Thursday and sixteen rods on Saturday. I made a chair and spinning wheel. Next Wednesday, found that I had a boil coming on the left wrist but I worked on until Friday when I had to work with one hand, but I hoed some in the garden and set out cabbage plants on Saturday. Sunday was quite sick but I went with Brothers Deans and Brimhall to Brother Wamsley’s and held meeting. From Monday till Thursday, I was confined to my bed and suffered much pain.

July 30

Making fence and then Thomas, Burt and myself went to the forest for timber. August 1, returned to the timbers by moonlight. Got wet and cold but got me a load of poles and started back on Saturday with the oxen and a load of poles. Lead a wild mare. I rode horseback, Thomas drove the oxen, and Burtey drove the mules. I was very hoarse.

Sunday, August 3

I felt better, wrote some in journal and went to Snowflake to hear Brother Woodruff speak but he was not present. I occupied some of the time and advised care in looking after stock and to save the crops. Went to Woodruff on Wednesday and found Mr. Town there. Had some talk with him about the sheep. Next day worked on my cellar at Woodruff and Thursday was fast day. I fasted and desired that the Lord would soften the heart of Mr. Town so that I might settle up our sheep business.

Sunday, August 10

Went to Snowflake, Catherine with me. Brother Woodruff preached. We had a splendid day. I spoke in

the evening. Monday, the sheep arrived at the farm. I had John and Hyrum take what Mr. Town had sold to Scot up above Cooley’s. Made final settlement with Town. He gave me fifty ewes and lambs. He did much better by me than many expected he would. Said it was the first time in twelve years that he had deviated from business but in this case he would cancel my obligations, and we parted friends. Of course we had lost our three hundred head of sheep and fourteen months herding. The trouble was: I had to make the old stock good and there was not enough to do so. The fifty head was a present, he thought. It was a great ease to him as well as myself. Let this be a lesson to not deal with old sheep when culled from a big flock. This man had me bound in a way to have ruined me but God heard my prayer and softened his heart. Willard went for Timber. Boys worked in the corn, and I worked at repairing wagons.

Sunday, August 17

Sent a letter to Brother Orson Pratt concerning healings amongst the Navajos. Started to Brother Reidhead’s to attend meeting. There were six of us in the carriage. As we drove into Showlow Creek the carriage tipped over and threw us into the creek, breaking the front and burying our little May in the muddy water and wetting myself and Catherine nearly all over. The little girl, May, was not injured but to us it was a miracle. Brother Brimhall and I righted up the carriage and drove safely on to Brother Reidhead’s. Got some dry clothes and had a splendid meeting. Returned to the Farm in the evening, a distance of ten miles. Found a letter from my brother Jeremiah.

August 27

I helped Brother Guldbranson fix bows and cover for his trip to Utah. The mules wandered off when we were at St. Joseph attending conference. I sent Thomas to help hunt them.

September 4

Brothers Greer and Tenney came to Woodruff and the mules had not been found yet. I got another team shod and Brother Greer started for St. Joseph. I followed him on horseback and found the mules about eight miles above St. Joseph. Took them to Brother Greer and on Friday he left for St. George, Utah. I went to the Salt Slough next day to see about hay. Returned to Woodruff having driven forty-five miles that day. Thomas brought word to me to come to Snowflake to see Brother Woodruff. Brother Woodruff took me aside and related, in the good spirit of the gospel, many complaints that had been lodged against me. Brother Woodruff called them molehills made into mountains. We met in meeting, my accusers also, where my actions were scanned for six hours. Nearly all was hearsay and when the light was reflected it vanished showing a bitter and bad undercurrent of envy threshed up to destroy me.


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