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I here state to the credit of Brother Ammon Tenney, he acted like a brother and a friend. Brother Woodruff was kind and all parties forgave each other and we hoped that we might have good fellowship in the future. President J. N. Smith was present. He gave much good counsel. At 11:00 P.M. I started to the farm. Found Alice and family well and on Monday, I helped President Smith on his granary. Brother Woodruff also helped on the same and I had a pleasant visit and returning home after dark got lost for a while in the cedars. Alice was with me in the carriage and two of the children.

September 22

Woodruff. Worked fixing windows about the house; and branded some calves. Next day went with Hyrum to the Farm. Adeline, Eley and Chloey went with me. John went down to Woodruff and took some mutton and garden stuff to the family. .

Saturday, 27

Conference at Snowflake. We were instructed by President J. N. Smith, President Lot Smith, and Brother Allen or W. Woodruff and in the afternoon by myself and others. Had a pleasant day. On Sunday we sustained the Authorities of the Church. I was sustained as 1st Counselor to President Jesse N. Smith and as committee to rebuild the house of Brother Smith D. Rogers, which was burned on September 23. Also I was sustained to take care of the missionaries at home.

October 6

Started for Woodruff at 4:00 P.M. and the next day, President Smith came. He plotted the town site. [They were all living in the Fort on the river bank.] He gave some instructions and counsel, got dinner with me and started on his way to Utah. I rode about one mile with him and he blessed me. Next morning I laid out the town, surveying eight lots as a base line. Brother Russell helped me. Returned to the farm, Wind was fearful. It came near blowing the carriage over.

The first heavy frost for 1879 was on the 9th of October. Ground cane on the 13th and sent garden stuff to Woodruff. Finished cane on the 15th. Had two gallons of molasses. Thursday, I made ox-bows and repaired wagons. Willard made adobies and on the 23rd, I made adobies and commenced my chimney on Saturday. Cut squashes in the evening. On Monday, as I was topping out my chimney, it fell--the foundation. Several Indians were present in the room but no one was hurt. I cleared out the dobies and dirt on Tuesday. Got some rock and laid up a good foundation. On Friday finished the chimney and laid the hearth.

Saturday, November 1

Started for Woodruff at 4:00 A.M. Brother Brimhall went with me. Found Brother Woodruff, Allen and Bishop Lake at my house and in the evening we held a business meeting and organized a company to rebuild

the dam here. Two good meetings on Sunday. Monday, Bishop Lake and Brother Allen went back to Sunset. Thursday, I went with Brother Jenson to the Salt Slough, unloaded the mower and cut some hay. Put it in our tent for our bed. Next morning, started Brother Jenson to cutting hay and I looked over the country for grass to cut. Found but little. Wind blew fearful and it was a bad day. The Liberty Pole broke off near the top at Woodruff this day. Next week got some hay up. Started to Blanchard’s with about a ton and got stuck in the quicksand. Had to go for help to get the oxen out.

Thursday, 13th

I started a load of hay off to the yard and left the meadows for home. Found Bishop Savage of Sunset at St. Joseph and I rode on home with him and found all well. 18th, laid the foundation of Smith D. Rogers house. Saw the tax collector and walked back from Snowflake to the farm, a distance of four miles. On Wednesday, I put some pullies on the hand mill and attached it to the lathe and ground out a half bushel of corn in thirty minutes. John returned without the oxen. Thursday, John and I went to Snowflake and worked on Brother Roger’s house. Saturday we fixed hayrack and took the tithing wheat, corn and squash down to Bishop Hunt. Returned late that night.


This same Saturday night I was dreaming. It was about 1:00 A.M. It seemed that I was passing forward. Several were ahead of me; some passed by me. We were dropping down a difficult and exceedingly dangerous road. I was much scared and called for two friends who came by. I put one arm around each one’s neck and then descended without difficulty to a beautiful place where I was safe. I addressed an aged woman and others that were there in a language of praise and adoration for my safe arrival and for true friends who came to my rescue at a hazzard to themselves. They were well known to me but I cannot call their names now.

We cannot pass the greatest ordeals without strong guides and no mortal can pass the greatest ordeal without aid. Let us appreciate our friends. I think that e’er long I must meet with some change. Much of what I saw has been taken from me.

Sunday, November 23

Came to Woodruff yesterday. Attended Sunday School and Sacrament meeting. Several of my children have been sick with scarlet fever and my little Lorenzo Wilford was quite sick, also Achsah May. I was kept busy all week watching with the sick at night and fixing up the house, making window sash, etc., during the daytime, Thursday, father Perkins and his son Brigham came from Walker and got breakfast with us. Brother Perkins and his son and myself administered to my little son, Lorenzo Wilford. He was very low. We were pleased to witness his recovery from death as we felt he was nearly gone. Friday at 12 noon, I left home for St.


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