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Joseph on horseback.

Sunday, 30th

Attended conference at Sunset. I was called to speak. Much good instructions from Brother Allen [Woodruff]. I gave one patriarchal blessing to Brother Porter’s son. December 1st, I went over to Brigham City and saw Mr. Baker and he paid us $200.00 on hay contract. I bade Brother Lot and Brother Allen farewell. At home found my little boy much improved but my little Achsah May had been very sick all week and with much faith and prayers we had power to prevail with our Father in Heaven to save her life.

Friday, December 5

Bishop Savage arrived from Sunset, and we administered to our little girl. He stayed with us and attended meeting on Sunday morning. At 1:00 P.M. started for home and my daughter Lydia Lenora went with him, and on Tuesday, they left Sunset for Utah. (They were married in the St. George temple, 24 December, 1879.)

My little girl recovered slowly. I worked in the shop making window sash for the Snowflake school house and for customers. On the 14th, went home to the farm. Found Alice and children all well. 19th, killed our hogs and on Saturday went to Snowflake and worked on the Roger’s house. It was fearful cold. Returned home very tired.

Sunday, 21st

Baptized Annette [daughter]. She was born 31 October, 1870 at Franklin, Oneida County, Idaho. She was confirmed by myself at Snowflake. Saturday, 27th, our conference convened at Snowflake in the new schoolhouse. Brother Allen spoke much at each meeting. Brothers Lot Smith and Allen went to visit St. Johns on Monday and I rode with them as far as Walker. Thursday at home on the Farm, I fitted up a manger for the horses. Tuesday, worked at our corrals, and Wednesday, commenced putting roof on the shop.

January 1, 1880

Worked at the roof. John shaved shakes. Willard chincked up the shop. Friday finished up the roof, salted pork and prepared to go to Woodruff. Willard and Ezra went with me on Saturday. Sunday, 4th, was my birthday and I had a chance to talk to my children. It was my 54th year. We had Sunday School and two meetings at Woodruff. This week, I worked in the shop, helped around with the chores, and fixed a place for the boys to sleep. Sent my team to Sunset for wheat, but it was sent home empty for some cause. This was a great loss of time and needless expense. Helped Brother Guldbransou put in a floor and took cold. Was very sick Friday and Saturday. President Smith from Sunset visited with us on Sunday. Went to Farm on Thursday, the 15th. Hauled wood, worked on Sister Westover’s bedstead.

Overnight in January cold without protection

January was full of much hard work and cold weather. We came near perishing. Wednesday, 28 January, was a terribly windy day. Ezra got the horses and we started for the Farm from Woodruff at 2:00 P.M. It was snowing fast and continued to snow. We traveled fifteen miles and could follow the road no farther. Camped, but failed to get a fire and laid down on our blankets in the snow. Spent one of the roughest nights in my life, but we were preserved until light of morning. We found one match left. Cold and trembling we got a fire with this match and we were filled with joy as we warmed our wet and chilled bodies, dried our clothes, found the horses and after prayers and partaking of a breakfast, made of fresh beef thrown on the coals, we proceeded on through fourteen inches of snow to Snowflake, a distance of five miles. Arrived at noon. Got supper, dinner and breakfast at Brother Mann’s and continued to break the road, four and a half miles to the Farm. Suffered much with cold, arriving a little after dark at my home.

We found the family well and a good fire. I felt that we had been wonderfully preserved and to God be the praise. The family had just run out of supplies. I brought some graham flour, corn meat, and twenty-three pounds of flour.

January 30

I was to start for Round Valley but the severe weather prevented. Just think, among thirty families the supply of bread stuffs was so scares that you could not borrow. I was applied to for aid and divided with one of the neighbors this day. This day and the following: fitted up windows, broke roads, hauled cedar brush for the sheep, looked after the sheep--lost several of them and the lambs.

Sunday, February 1

Snowed during the night. We have sixteen inches of snow and weather very severe. I have never experienced so cold or the weather so severe in Arizona Territory before. Went to Walker and held two meetings. During this week, worked in shop making bedstead for Windsor. Still terrible cold. Went to Walker and collected some debts, wrote several letters, went to Snowflake to mail them, and hunted for horses. We have lost four of our animals in this storm. Thursday took Alice and Lula Jane on the brown mare and went to Walker to fast meeting. Returning had trouble with the mare but we were preserved. Friday worked in shop making chairs. Saturday ground some corn on a coffee mill and made a foot bridge across the Garden Dam. John and Willard arrived at 8:00 P.M. John was in a bad fix. Team tired out and his feet wrapped in a blanket. If he had been obliged to have gone much farther he would have lost his feet. We put his feet in cold ice water and he had a hard time to get some rest all night.

Sunday, February 8


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