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I read a Sermon of George Q. Cannon’s. Went to Walker to meeting. Spoke and returned home very tired having traveled in the snow on foot all the way. During the week, hauled wood and fixed a bridge. John, Willard, Jeremiah, and myself went to Woodruff and stayed with Silver over night on the way. Found family well and worked two and a half days on the dam.

Sunday, 15th

Held meeting at Woodruff. [Next week] Worked on the dam. President J. W. Young came and visited us. I worked on a rocking chair and a cupboard. Same next week. Hunted much for our horses. They had left the range so we had poor success. Went to Sunset for conference. Sunday the 29th, hard to travel because of the cold wind. Stayed with my daughter, Lenora Savage. I was glad to meet her. She had had a hard trip going to Utah and returning. At Sunday conference we were addressed in much force by Brother Woodruff on the word of wisdom, United Order and the Woodruff Dam. He called upon us to go forth with our mights and if we would work in faith we should prevail and raise a crop.

March 1

We were invited to stop over and attend the birthday party held for Brother Woodruff. Many good sentiments were advanced and a big dinner served by the Saints of Sunset. Tuesday, started for home and camped at Heywood’s place. Wednesday, camped at Scott’s and on Thursday, A. Perkins and myself walked twelve miles and arrived home at 9:00 A.M. Norey came with Brother Peterson. We held fast meeting and baptized several. Our little daughter Chloe Viola was baptized, it being her eighth birthday. This week had a happy day when Nora arrived.

March 5

Brother Woodruff started for Utah. Brothers J. W. Young and J. C. Owens and myself started on a visit to Round Valley. First night camped under some cedars, next night at Thomas Lacy Greer’s. Had breakfast and arrived at St. Johns at 5:00 P.M. Was met by Brother Ammon M. Tenney, and Sunday we held meeting with the people of St. Johns.

March 8

Brother Owens left for Woodruff. I settled with Mr. Martin in full for wheat I had bought of him, $90.98 and looked at the land about St. Johns. Bade Brothers Allred, Sextus Johnson, A.M. Tenney good-bye and went to Round Valley. Met by Brother Peter Christopherson. Visited with the brethren. Thursday, held meeting at 2:00 P.M., but before meeting we visited the different farms and reservoir. I spoke first and Brother Young followed with a strong testimony. In the evening we held council. I blessed Brother James Robertson and set apart John Riggs as President of the Elders. Raised some money for to start a wholesale store. This was one of the windiest days of

the year. About 3:00 P.M. we left for Concho. Brother Christopherson came with us. We traveled in almost a hurricane and called at Walls old place. Brother J. W. Young had suffered much with neuralgia. We administered to him several times and he was blessed. Sister Young was with us and her little boy who was quite poor. At night we had to lie down in the wind but was as comfortable as our bedding would allow. We slept out most of the time. Brother Young and wife slept in the wagon.

Saturday, March 13

Arrived at Concho. Found mostly a careless spirit, much smoking, chewing and some drinking. We found ample room for reform. Sunday we held two meetings. Myself, Brothers Young and Christopherson all spoke giving instructions on the necessity of faithfulness. After meeting, I gave a blessing to Henry Cordell. Brother T. L. Greer and Brother East spoke in the evening and we held a council. Talked over the necessity of a store and the control of the wool trade. Next day looked at a town site at Concho. Brother Tenney arrived and traveled with us. Camped at Tank, ten miles from Concho that night.

Tuesday, I got Brother Tenney’s horse and came on to Snowflake. Gave out an appointment for a meeting. Got a fresh horse from Smith D. Rogers and came on to the farm. Got Alice and went back to Snowflake for the meeting. I spoke, also Brothers Young and Christopherson. We laid the business of a store before the Saints and dedicated the lands, flocks, herds, and everything that the Lord has conferred upon us to Him. Returned home at 12:00 midnight.


I fee1 rather poorly this A.M. Held meeting in Walker. Brother Young spoke with power. Left farm for Woodruff. Held meeting. Next morning President J. W. Young started for Sunset. Sister Young stopped with us. Saturday, I killed a beef and worked on the dam. Meeting Sunday. Monday in shop and Brother Young returned on his way to Albuquerque, New Mexico. He held meeting with us and on Wednesday, wrote to the apostles about the United Order. Then he left us for Brother Greer’s. Thursday worked shop. Bishop Savage arrived from Sunset and we had a meeting in the evening.

March 26

Brother James of Sunset, myself, daughter Nora with Bishop Savage’s team went to the farm. Found all well. Saturday morning went to conference [at Snowflake]. Found a full house and commenced at 10:00 A.M. I announced our object for meeting. Brother Savage and Samuel Rogers occupied the time on the subject of union and s elf sustenance. Sunday, at the 2:00 P.M. meeting I read the revelation on the Sabbath Day and spoke upon the necessity of its observance. I called for all the tithing stock that was due and we closed our


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