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conference until the last Saturday in June.

Returned to the farm and next morning went as far as Snowflake with Bishop Savage where I got my wagon and brought up some seed wheat, oats and beans. Got a load of fencing. Tuesday, went to work on the Walker ditch, east side. Wrote some in journal. Wednesday planted beans and carrots and worked some on the ditch.

Sunday, April 4

Wrote letters to President Taylor and Woodruff on business pertaining to St. Johns and the scarsity of bread and good seed. [Next week] I fixed wagon for Perkins, got load of wood, went to hay meadows and found that some Mexicans had jumped the meadows. I tried them to see if I could get any claim but it was with difficulty that I obtained some favor. Got one load of hay and they gave me a piece of meat, helped me load up and assisted me up a sand hill with their oxen. Jeremiah was with me. He took the load to the farm and I went to Woodruff. Fixed up a wagon. Went to St. Joseph, very tired. Got some wheat for seed. Went back home to Woodruff. Worked on my books and tried to settle up with A. Perkins but could not, as he said, he wanted to continue with me. Saturday we loaded up some wheat for seed. Ezra and Hyrum took the oxen and started for the farm. I came on horseback. Found family well.

Sunday, April 11

Took the mules and Alice and went to Reidhead’s. Held meeting. On Monday, John went to Woodruff to work on the dam and I went to Snowflake for corn. Returned at 11:00 P.M. It was late but it is the usual hour of my life from manhood to this my 54th year. Such has been the constant care and responsibility that I have traveled tens of thousands miles and much has been done when the rest of my friends were slumbering in their beds.


Washed the sheep in tobacco. Jeremiah and Burt took them to the herd and delivered them to William J. Flake on shares. One and a fourth pounds wool per head and twenty-five per cent of the increase yearly for four years. I worked about the house. It was windy. Men could not work out doors. [During the week] Ezra and Hyrum went to Woodruff. Jeremiah and I went on ditch here. Got some water on the garden and on Saturday, when day was completed, turned it on to the land I had prepared for wheat. This is one of the worst days. The winds are fearful. Water should have been put in the ditch in February as the season up to this date is very dry.

Sunday, 18th

Turned water several times. I have seen scarse times for food but never witnessed so scarse a time for food. All my neighbors are out of milk, and bread is scarse. We have lived for four weeks on corn meal and graham. I have been quite under the weather because of much hard toil and poor fare. The fearful winds have tried my

patience much. With great difficulty, I have been able to walk out and turn the water. O! may my impatience be forgiven me and may I live to see the day when I have plenty of food and raiment for my family.

Went to meeting today but because of the cold wind there were but seven of us present. Still we held meeting and in the evening I went and administered to Sister Millett and took some meal on Monday. [This week] watered the ground for wheat and visited Sister Millett, Wrote a letter to Joseph Cardon and Noah Brimhall asking them to come and see Sister Millett. She was blessed temporally and spiritually this day. Willard and Ezra arrived from Woodruff to look after some lumber for headgates. I went to Walker with the carriage to get Alice where she bad gone for a visit. The wind was very severe and with much difficulty we arrived home safely, sowed some wheat and went to the forest to contract for timber or plank for headgates for the Woodruff Dam. Found the old mill doing a little and I went and cut some oak timber. I dedicated the forest to the Lord for His Saints and made arrangements for the lumber. Hauled to the mill, two loads of oak and got some beef and seventy-four feet of lumber in exchange for oak. Arrived home at dark Saturday.

Sunday, 25

Was my turn to go to Walker and hold meeting with Elder Joseph Fish. Good meeting. [This week] Willard and I started for the forest. Worked for Thomas Willis at the mill and worked at the steam mill. Came home on Friday. Made some headgates and watered some ground for wheat. It rained a little during the day. Saturday went to Woodruff, leaving Walker at 4:00 P.M., arriving at Woodruff by 9:00 P.M. Found all well.

Sunday, May 2

Held meeting. I went back to Walker on Monday. During the week, watered and did chores. On Sunday the 9th, went to Brother Freeman’s and back to Reidhead’s for meeting at 2:00 P.M. During the week, planted some cane, corn and sowed some wheat. Got some beef that Brother Reidhead had sent down. Wrote some in my journal. Prepared piece for watering and sowed some wheat. Watered on Friday and went to Woodruff on Saturday.

Sunday, May 16

Held meeting and showed the operation of the spirits. Corrected many mistakes in the minds of the people. On Monday we held meeting and settled some accounts and corrected the matter of land claims, etc. Went to J. W. Young’s store [some ten or twelve miles distant]. Catherine went with me. Next day I received a letter from St. Joseph about the water affairs. We were damming the water at Woodruff so that it did not flow on to St. Joseph. Our dam had been closed up for eight days and the people at St. Joseph were all out of sorts waiting for the water to flow over our headgates. It would have to fill up two and a half more feet before


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