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it would pass over and that was too long to wait. [Too long for the crops at St. Joseph.] We cut our dam and let the water through. It was a sorry time for those who had worked so hard to put in this immense dam. But all is well and our Father controls his affairs for his people’s welfare. Left Woodruff for the farm and arrived on Thursday. Found all well. I brought up three pigs, as we could not feed them, and turned them out at Brother Millett’s. Thursday, prepared some ditches and Friday commenced watering. Continued through the night till 2:00 A.M. (Watering by moonlight.) Next day, planted some beets and watered. Brother Reidhead came and stayed all night.

Sunday, May 23

We [Brother Reidhead and I] left Walker for Woodruff and arrived at half past 2:00 P.M. and went to meeting and heard Brothers Brimhall and Reidhead preach. I gave some counsel and sought to prepare for the drawing of land on Monday. President Smith arrived at Woodruff on Sunday at 5:00 P.M. After looking over the land, I went home to Walker, arriving on Tuesday. Fixed my plows, put in some amber cane, put in some oats and prepared to go to St. Joseph for conference. Brother Reidhead took two of our pigs on shares. Started for conference and at Woodruff I put bells on the horses and turned them out. Found them at 5:00 next morning and got started for St. Joseph. Adeline and Brothers Deans and Owens went with me. Spent two days at conference, splendid time and we got started back Sunday evening at 5:00 P.M. President Smith came with me. At Woodruff said good-bye to my babies and went on to Walker or the farm. During the week, put in potatoes, made garden, planted corn and cane. Watered and Sunday, June 6, found me at Walker.

Sunday, June 6

Read letters from my brother Abram and daughter Elizabeth. Answered them and went to meeting. Heard the missionaries and spoke some myself.

[This week] Looked after our stock. There was a drive [round-up] going on in this country. The wind blew fearful till Friday. I planted some squash, beets, potatoes and watered my wheat for the first time and on Saturday worked at cupboard and fence.

Sunday, June 13

Held meeting at Brother Standifird’s. During the week, talked to Brother Thane about getting some corn. He would not let any go, but in the morning he told me to bring my sack and he would spare me one cwt. Said he had been a visionary man and had been told to let me have some corn. On Tuesday I was very sick for four hours. John came and got some clothes and went on to his work, helping to drive the stock. I planted corn which was said would ripen in ten weeks. Worked on ditch, plowed some and watered.

First rain of season

Saturday, 19th

At about 5:00 P.M. it commenced raining. The first rain of the season and it was timely. The crops were much in need. Planted corn till 8:00 P.M. as it is late in the season, and I am anxious to get in all the crop I can, because we have seen the want of bread. There has been a great scarcity of all kinds of provisions in this Stake of Zion. I have met with much hardship in establishing homes for my family in this country but still feel there is a bright future for all that have labored faithfully to establish these colonies. I have about forty acres of grain in and pray heaven to bless my labors in the future.

Sunday; 20th

Rain falling gently and all looks prosperous. I have an appointment to fill in Snowflake at 2:00 P.M. after which I expect to go to Woodruff. I wrote a letter to T. Smart after meeting and did drive to Woodruff. All well. Stayed two days. Watered and made fence this week.

July 10

I sowed some Sonora wheat. It is good wheat. July 12, the Relief Society was organized at Walker and at Snowflake. I killed a beef and Alice went to Snowflake with Brother Solomon.

July 16

Was my water day. I went and turned some water in the main ditch. I was very sick all day and on Saturday as well. I got Jack Dody to help me water. He commenced work on Saturday the 10th and worked until Saturday the 17th at $1.00 per day.

Desires President Smith to be executor of estate

Sunday, 18th

I was a little better. I wish in case of death that President Smith should take my books and settle up. Reference can be had to all my accounts. I have served my brethren well and I have a conscience clear.

The Young Men’s was organized on Sunday the 18th at Walker, Emanuel Cardon as president. Also the Sunday School with Brother Solomon as Superintendant was organized. It rained very hard during this week.

July 24

Fixed a plow for Brother Walker and went unto Walker to attend the celebration. Father Willis delivered a good speech. It rained fearful and I got wet coming home. Next day, Sunday, went to Snowflake to meeting. Good rains. During the week, went to Willis’ Mill and got a load of lumber, worked some in the garden, hoed up a little of the fall wheat as the mourning doves were about to eat it up, and plowed some in the corn and cane and got a bad sore throat.

Sunday, August 1


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