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Erie Canal and runs through the state of Indiana, We rode that night to a place called Def. Got off the boat Wednesday the 7th. We found a brother by the name of Martin. He had raised up a few members of the Church, We stayed a few days with him and rested as well as preaching to the people, Left Brother Martin’s Monday the 12th, We traveled twelve miles and found Brother Mires. [The author uses the word “traveled” when they walked.] Brother Mires and his family belonged to the Church [Branch] at Logan’s Port. We preached to the people in this town and left it on Wednesday the 15th. Brother Mires went a mile or two with us when we parted with him. Traveled till about 3 o’clock and found Brother Bunn, took dinner with him, and then left for the Canal and took a boat for Toledo. Arrived at the town of Wain in the evening of Friday the 17th. Got along well on Saturday and arrived at Toledo in the evening of Sunday the 19th.

Took a steam boat for Buffalo. We worked our passage and were treated worse than dogs. One of the firemen threw a stick of wood at Brother Fuller and just missed his head. My health was very poor. Arrived at Buffalo Tuesday the 23rd. We then engaged our passage for Port Junction and gave all the money we had for this passage. Left Buffalo Wednesday and arrived at Rochester Thursday the 23rd. We stayed here till Friday the 24th at 3 o’clock. Arrived at Utica Monday the 27th and at Port Junction on the 28th when we left the boat. We had no money and there was a toll bridge to cross and there was a bell attached to the gate of the bridge. We passed through and the bell rang but no one came out and we hurried on. Arrived at Father Fuller’s home, Tuesday, 28th in the night. I was quite sick when I arrived.

Sunday, June 2.

Preached for the first time and the Lord told me that I could not preach of myself and I was confounded. I stayed from the 28th of May to the 17th of June and worked for Father Fuller. He gave me nothing when I left for Vermont, a distance of 125 miles. At his house, I found my wife. She was his daughter. We were not married for most two years after this date.

June 17.

Started for Vermont and arrived there on the 27th. Preached in Ferisburg in the evening. It was the first sermon that I had preached after I left Brother Fuller and it was the second time that I had tried to preach in my life. The Lord blessed me and I had great liberty. One woman arose and bore testimony that what I had preached was the truth. It was at the house of Charles Haight, my great uncle. He was an old man. I had never seen him before. His wife believed my testimony. After which, I started for Bristol. [Bristol was the home of Jeremiah Hatch, Sen. when he received the gospel. It is ten miles south of Lincoln, Addison County, and Vermont, which was the home of Lorenzo in his boyhood as well as his birthplace.]

June 25.

Arrived in Bristol where I found Brothers John Chase and Almon Harding. On the 26th I found my Aunt Hannah, mother’s youngest sister and also my cousins. They received me kindly. On the 27th, I started for Northfield with Brothers Chase and Harding, some thirty or forty miles on foot. This was the day that Joseph, the Prophet, was martyred with his brother Hyrum. Thus fell two of the mightiest men that lived in this generation. It was a gloomy day and we traveled twenty-five miles that day. We arrived on the 28th at Brother Liman Hotens. We came to this place to hold a conference. Brother Erastus Snow had charge of this state. He did not arrive. We held a meeting on the 29th. Brother Harding preached on the 30th. Brother Chase preached three times on Monday, the first day of July. I held a meeting about two miles from the former peace. Brother [Harding] was with me. I spoke to the people. We had a good turnout and the Lord blessed me. They said that I knew more scripture than the old Preacher who had preached forty years. July 2nd, Brother Snow and Brother William Hyde preached.

Brother Snow called a Council of Elders that were present. Here it was manifested that Brother Jason Hoten should be ordained but he refused. Soon after this Brothers Snow and Hyde left for Nauvoo. There are many that believed the gospel in this place. Shortly the news of the death of the Prophet reached here and they were not baptized. Brother Chase was counseled to stay on here a few days and preach. Brother Harding and myself were to go back to Lincoln. We started on the 3rd and arrived at Lincoln on the 4th of July 1844.

I went to Bristol on the 6th of July and held one meeting in that town. Formerly there had been a Branch of the Church here and a good deal of preaching in this region of the country. I found they had become perfectly hardened; therefore, I held no more meetings. Being quite destitute of clothing, I went to work for fifty cents a day. This was all that they would -ire me.

News of death of Joseph and Hyrum: Manifestation that Brigham Young to be leader

About the middle of this month the news came of the death of Joseph and Hyrum. At first I could not believe it, but at last was convinced that it was a fact. Then I mourned and wept as the children of Israel did when Moses was taken from them.

[This in his own words was his testimony concerning Brigham Young given just before his death, 20 April 1910.]

“I was alone a young man, being but eighteen years old, 1500 miles from home. The question in my mind was who would lead the Church now that the Prophet Joseph was gone. About a month later a letter came from my uncle, Jeremiah Hatch who had married a daughter of Sidney Rigdon. He claimed that the Lord had called Sidney Rigdon to lead the church. I was at the house


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