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Thomas came home from the San Pedro country. Had been gone two months. I was glad to have him return as I was much in need of help. There was no One to help me but a little lad, eleven year old, Heber Albert, with some forty-five acres of land into crops. Went to meeting in Walker, I occupied some of the time. This morning I had a dream in which I was praising God for the abundant rains of heaven. My health quite poor.


Hyrum came up from Woodruff and I got fifty pounds of flour, 120 pounds of corn and some sugar that Ezra sent from the railroad where he is at work. Brother Mills helped me in the grain and we got the water in the ditch after it had been out about three weeks. Went to fast meeting on Thursday. Worked in garden and on Saturday John returned from the Gila. Has been absent two months. I was truly glad to get my boys home once more as I had had much anxiety about them. I do not want my boys to labor among the wicked.

Jeremiah working for railroad

Friday, 13th

Jeremiah came home from the railroad where he has been to work. I worked some in the field and went to Woodruff on Saturday. Took a load of wood and got on the wrong road. About 1:00 A.M. went to bed under the cedars with one blanket. Got there by Sunday noon. A11 well. Big rain on Wednesday. Woodruff seems to get more rain than other places about; but when I got back to Walker, I found that we had a most beautifu1 rain. Worked until very late in the evening on Saturday and came in to find Jeremiah very sick from an attack of billiousness. He was healed by the laying on of hands, and all the family are witnesses of the miracles of God to us in our lonely home on this far off mission.

Sunday, 22nd

Went to Brother Standifird’s where we had a good meeting. As we returned, had a big rain and got wet through. During the week, I hoed potatoes and cut some wheat. Hard rain and on Thursday left for St. Joseph to attend conference. Found about thirty from Brigham and Sunset in attendance. I gave six blessings after meeting on Saturday. On Sunday, we held our meetings and an excellent spirit prevailed. At 5:00 P.M. we separated and I came homeward as far as Benson and reached Woodruff next day at 11:00 A.M. Made arrangements for settlement of our order business. Returned to the farm. Cut wheat. Fast meeting on Thursday. I went with Jeremiah and repaired the water ditch.

Attend political convention in Snowflake

Sunday, September 6

Wrote a letter to my brother Jeremiah. Monday went to Snowflake and attended a convention [political]. Brothers Deans and Guldbranson came up and we divided the farm and bought out the company property. Turned out two mules and a horse. Wednesday, I tried

to settle with Brother M. Cluff but failed.

Thursday we cut wheat. Friday it rained terrible heavy and on Saturday, we spread out our wheat stack. Meeting at Walker on Sunday and Monday cut more wheat. Thomas started out to cut hay, also on Wednesday. John and myself started for Woodruff. Took a load of wheat for Guldbranson. Rained very hard and the roads were impassable or nearly so. We camped all night and drove into Woodruff the next day to find that Catherine had gone to Sunset.

I got word from St. Johns that Brother Snow [in all probability this is Erastus Snow] would be at that place on Sunday. Took President Jesse N. Smith, Brother John H. Rolens and started for St. Johns. Met Brother Snow and company. Held meeting with the brethren and was addressed by President M. Lyman and Brother Snow. In the afternoon we were addressed by President Smith, Brother Snow and myself.

Monday, September 19

Stopped to talk with Mr. Barth. Visited Round Valley, Bush Valley, and Nutrioso. Held meetings and located a town site at Round Valley. Returned to St. Johns on Thursday and talked with Mr. Barth and others about our election matters. These parties were on the war path. We took supper with Brother Christopherson and started for Concho. Brother A.M. Tenney arrived just as we were about to start and we had a talk with him on election matters. He was unreconciled and felt that his word had been forfeited. We left about dark and drove fifteen miles.

Saturday, 25th

At conference in Snowflake, we were addressed by President Snow and several of the brethren. We selected a High Council and ordained several to the High Priesthood and after instruction, we met at Walker where President Smith and B. Young, Jr. addressed us. John Standifird was called to be Bishop of Walker.

Sunday, 26th

We did a variety of business. Set apart Brothers Standifird and L.C. Burnham. The latter to go to the San Juan. In the P.M. President B. Young, Jr. spoke in a powerful manner about our unsettled idea and scattered condition, also on the United Order. After meeting the brethren left for Woodruff where Brother Snow spoke on the Order.

Monday, I went to Snowflake and held an investigation of our Mill Company before Bishop John Hunt. M. Cluff was quite abusive and was called to order twice. This night, 27 September we had a heavy frost; and Tuesday, we were busy looking after our frosted crop, preparing and making ready for the threshers. Ezra went to the saw mill for lumber and on Tuesday, we threshed out our wheat, 185 bushel, and on Thursday, finished the oats and barley, twenty bushel of each. We continued gathering corn and cane during the week.


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