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Sunday, October 3

Went to meeting at Walker and spoke after Bishop Standifird. We worked from Monday till Saturday in gathering our crop and lost considerable by the stock. During next week, gathering beans, potatoes, and turnips.

October 18

Went to Moses Cluff’s and got the molasses mill. Ordained Brother Joseph Cardon as first Counselor to Bishop Standifird and Brother Solomon as second, as well as Brother Noah Brimhall a High Counselor. On the 25th, commenced grinding cane, traded a little mule for a mare, and repaired the Cane Mill. On the 30th, went to Snowflake for High Priests meeting and went on to Woodruff. Arrived at 10:00P.M. Next day, Sunday, held meeting at Bishop Owens’ house and at 3:00 P.M. started back to Walker.

Monday, November 1

Started the molasses machine, but Tuesday, returned to Snowflake to vote for County officers. At Walker we were counseled to change the name of Walker so that we could have a Post Office. [It was eventually changed to Taylor] Wednesday, dug carrots and held fast meeting next day at Brother Reidhead’s. Blessed Brother Standifird’s son Israel. Loaded corn fodder. Thomas went to mill I got some beef of J. Kay. Fifty-three pounds at five cents per pound and got a load of wood.

Sunday, 7th

Wrote in my journal. Went to Walker for meeting. Worked for Alexander McCleve all week. Sunday the 14th, all is well. During the week, worked at the corrals, fixed up the hay rack and hauled straw. Willard took the straw to Woodruff and I rode horseback. It was one of the coldest days we have had this season. Hauled wood on Friday. Worked in the Dam on Saturday and hired John Tenney to work on dam. Worked until following Wednesday on dam. Thursday, repaired the carriage and harness and started with President Smith and Smith D. Rogers for conference at Sunset. Stayed all night at John W. Young’s place which is called Holbrook. Arrived at Sunset where I found that my daughter Leonora had a fine daughter. Called her name Catherine. Saturday, we were addressed by President Smith.

Sunday, 28th

Heard from several brethren. Held meetings at St. Joseph, Holbrook, Woodruff. 5 December, President J. N. Smith and B. Young, dedicated the dam at Woodruff and held a meeting. During this conference I gave a blessing to Brother John Bloomfield.

Friday, December 3

Came home and found all well at Taylor Willard went to camp to work on the reservoir. Heard that my brother Abram’s wife, Jane Lott, died 28 November, 1880.

Monday, 27

Brother Whipple and Reidhead were at my place and we agreed to form a company and purchase the Scott place. Next day, worked a while on the tithing house with Bishop Standifird. Killed pig. Worked for Brother Solomon making a door. Settled up with Brother Brimhall.

January 1, 1881

Took my tithing wheat and corn to the Bishop and wrote a letter to my brother Abram. Then went with my little girls and picked up beans. Good meeting in Taylor on Sunday, January 2. Monday, I put up 1000 pounds of wheat, and Hyrum came with the horse and brown mare that had been lost for sometime.

Fifty-fifth birthday

Tuesday, January 4

I arose early. Went to Woodruff. It is my fifty-fifth birthday. Found Brother Hawkins at my place and we had a birthday supper. Brother Brimhall and family were present. Wednesday, I went to Holbrook to see Brother B. Young, Jr.

Sunday, 30th

The water came out of the river into our ditch at Woodruff, and all is animation and joy to those who fear God! I came to Woodruff on the first of February. Found Catherine better. The water was out. The ditch was full. Our homes were now desireable. We had labored with but little encouragement from any one for three years, obtaining our food and clothing as best we could. Wednesday, worked in the shop making a wheelborrow and on Thursday, it was fast day. I fasted and desired that I might have union and undivided action with my sons. Saturday, repaired the carriage and went to Taylor.

[During the month of February, L. H. Hatch records each day with the usual entries of work in the shop, attending every Sunday meeting at Taylor, Snowflake or Woodruff, fasting and going to meeting on the first Thursday. Meeting in committee action with the Snowflake-Taylor irrigation company. Pulled a tooth for Charles Shumway and took him home in the carriage. Tells us of meeting Erastus Snow in a council meeting. Started to plow for wheat. Bought another yoke of oxen. Repaired wagons and on the 28th, began planting onions, lettuce and radishes.]

March 11

I commenced putting the water on my land at Woodruff. Snow came on Sunday and Monday was one of the roughest days imaginable. Terrible cold wind and snow. I watered the land in a terrible gale. I found Ezra there when I came in. He had come from Taylor to get some flour. Tuesday I went to Taylor, arrived late and found Alice had been sick. [Shop work such as window sash, doors and wagon repair fill the following two weeks ending with conference at Snowflake. Weather grew


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