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Monday, 20th

Settled With Millett and others. Next day set out gooseberries, planted pear and plum trees. Went to Woodruff and returned to Taylor on April 2. When I left Woodruff, all nature was in good shape. April 8, put in some wheat at Woodruff. Had been to Holbrook and bought a scraper. April 23, I filed on my place at Taylor as a homestead. April 29, Hyrum and Adeline went to St. Johns. I put in some corn, potatoes and sowed some lucern at Woodruff. May 5, we labored to stop up leaks in the dam but the water gradually fell.

Thursday, May 4

I called on the people to fast and pray for rain, and pay their offerings, which had fallen behind for five months. We prayed for the sick and for rain and agreed to put in all the land that was wet.

Saturday, 7th

Brothers Bushman and Tanner of St. Joseph came to Woodruff and found our ditches dry and humbly requested that we give them aid from our reservoir of water. The spirit plainly manifested to me that we would get rain to refill our reservoir. Sunday, we held a meeting for four hours talking over these matters of vital interest between the settlements of Woodruff and St. Joseph. A good spirit prevailed. Some murmured because we gave of our reservoir to St. Joseph, but in the main a good spirit prevailed. The rains came. This rain commenced on Saturday, the 14th of May. This is unusual. We had plenty of water.

During the following week I put in cane, beans and corn, also barley, and Saturday went to Taylor with Jeremiah. Sunday, meeting at Taylor. President J. N. Smith preached. Next week loaded up some pigs, took Alice and started for Woodruff. One of the tires ran off and we lost one of the pigs. Fixed wagon at Woodruff. Friday, I took Alice and Adeline and went to St. Joseph to attend conference. Monday, returned to Woodruff and made a bolster for the little wagon and drove to Taylor on Tuesday, the 30th. Watered some ground for melons.

June 1

Planted some melons and Thursday, went to fast meeting and planted some beans.

June 3

Came down to Woodruff with Thomas, with the mules and a load of poles. He was glad to get his team. Saturday, watered from barrels some of my garden. Spent most of the month of June in Woodruff. Planted early corn and cane. Put up a porch, put in a door, repaired fence. Erastus Snow, President J. N. Smith and B. Young, Jr. visited my place. We made an organization for a store for the two stakes on July 25. I was in Taylor for the 24th. Had a day of celebration. Had much rain during the month. Came back to

Woodruff and found Elley quite sick. Worked in shop making sash for three days. Sent the sash to Snowflake. I spent most of the month of July at Taylor. Went twice to the forest for fencing.

August 12

Had a most fearful rain, (at Woodruff) filling the houses. We took out the headgates from our dam. At Taylor, I did some hoeing, fixed the carriage, and it rained so much that we repaired our stacks. On the 19th, I again spread out the stacks as the rain had stopped for a short time and next day hoed out the oats and fixed the stacks. August 25, we hauled hay. Sunday, went to Taylor for meeting and hauled hay all the following week except Thursday. September 1, I went to fast meeting.

September 3

I counseled the scattered Saints to come in and secure themselves from any attack that might be made by the Apache Indians. Monday, attended funeral services for Bishop Standifird’s little boy and cut corn all afternoon. Gave blessing to Brother John West’s daughter and attended meeting at Taylor and Snowflake. President J, N. Smith was present. September 11, we formed a military organization for our protection. Gathered crop during the week. Next week went to cedars for fencing and made ox yokes. Held conference September 24. Had President Snow with us. I spoke in the afternoon and gave two blessings at Snowflake. Monday, attended a party at Snowflake.

Gives directions for building a fort

Sunday, October 2

Sunday, went to Whipple and gave direction for building a fort, two miles above Adair’s place. Rained hard on Monday. Tuesday, John and Jeremiah started out freighting. I hauled cane and began sowing winter wheat. October 14, went to the molasses mill and commenced grinding cane. Threshing on Friday. We had 155 bushels of wheat and ten bushels of oats, weight, sixty-four pounds. Washed wheat to send to mill. Tuesday, went to mill and came to Woodruff. Found family well. Fixed up a place to sleep and Hyrum hauled wood. Turned out some bedstead rungs and fixed the lathe.

November 1

A. McCleve came along and I sent some vegetables to the railroad. Made window sash and fixed a wagon which I rented to Joseph Scott. Saturday, was a busy day, and on Sunday, Bishop Owens, Brother Fish and Joseph Cardon spoke as missionaries at meeting in Woodruff. Thomas came home from Apache where he had been freighting. Next week I worked at bench some and put in wheat at Woodruff. Brother Whipple came. Sister Amelia Whipple is still very sick.

Sunday, 13th


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