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Went to meeting at Woodruff. Sisters East and Hawkins, Presidents of Stake Relief Society and Primary spoke. Tuesday, John came down from Taylor and went to Holbrook to work after losing six weeks hunting oxen, horses, etc. The 17th, I had a visit from B. Young, Jr. He gave us encouraging counsel. Next day took Hyrum to Holbrook to work on the railroad. Catherine went with me. Returned after dark and went to Taylor next day. November 20 to December 3, worked at window sash, wagons, went to mill and made glue for my bench work, made one wagon wheel, set a tire, loaded up and went to Woodruff on December 3. Went to Holbrook and took 464 pounds of meal and some carrots, and left them to be forwarded to Brigham Young, Jr. During week, hauled five loads of goods to the co-op. Killed a beef and took Sister Amelia Whipple to Taylor. She has been sick for seven weeks at my house with erysipelas and rheumatism. Arrived late in the evening Thursday, and on Saturday, took Sister Whipple and children up to their home in the forest and then took my place with President J. N. Smith. We held meeting at Brother Staley’s place and told them we would organize them with a President or Bishop when we returned. We gave counsel concerning the Lamanites amongst whom they live.

[I will summarize activity until end of year in words of writer.] On return to above, we found a good spirit. Appointed Brother William Ellsworth to preside. Made a boundary line for a ward from Brother Reidhead’s to Follett’s and as far as the St. Johns saw mill. We called it Forest Dale Ward.

It was December 10 that we camped at Fort Apache. Was received by Colonel Carr with kindness. He made us his guests, inquiring and talking of our Church Government. He like others is an infidel to our faith but treated us to the best he had, apologizing the absence of his wife. The post trader was also very kind. They pressed us to tarry longer and attend their graduation, which was executed in a most splendid style, music, supper after etc. Many compliments. Bishop John [Hunt] accompanied us on this mission and did all in power to aid us. Furnished a team. Gave good counsel also good attention.

We were received warmly at Warren Follet’s, a choice ranch at the forks of the road, the Cardon’s Ranch also. The brethren have lost much by Indians and soldiers who raid on them when they are absent and especially during any Indian difficulties. Held meeting at Brother Haws and Cookson ranches. We gave counsel and enjoyed their close application of the gospel plan for their love and union with each other. We counseled a friendly spirit to the Indians respecting their rights to the soil, also to divide the land with incoming settlers. If these conditions are complied with all will work well for establishing this place. We separated for home on Friday, 16 December.

I brought a load of corn for George Adams and a load of lumber for myself. Arrived at home (Taylor) on the 17th and found all well. Saturday, worked on a bedstead and on Monday went down to work on the school house where I continued all week. Ezra worked four days. This job was quite satisfactory to the whole people.

December 23

Had our house full of company, Brother Millett and wife, Brother Hyrum Bigelow and daughter, M. Mill and George Ball. John returned during the evening from Holbrook where he has been working and Sunday, next morning, we went to Snowflake for conference. Held meetings on the 24th and 25th. Good time. Brother Young spoke on the importance of order families. We must unite and prepare for the last days which are at hand. Visiting brethren came to Taylor for one evening meeting. I gave counsel on cleaning out water ditches and the public works. [The order families mentioned means United Order families.]

Monday, 26th

Received from Brother B. Young, $100.00 sent from Utah by H. E. Hatch. I wrote a letter to Lafayette Hatch and paid $35.00 to Bishop Standifird which I had borrowed and $25.00 to William J. Flake for wheat. Settled with E. Whipple and William Solomon. Ezra started for Phoenix Park and I worked at sash and bedsteads. I wrote a letter to President Cannon.

January 1, 1882

[During this month: Meetings on Sunday and fast on Thursdays. Settled tithing, worked days at the bench and four days on Woodruff Dam. Lost an ox wagon by theft. I fitted up for a journey with B. Young, Jr., President J. N. Smith, Bishops Savage, Richards and Hunt and J. N. Perkins and his son, Jerry P.] We joined together for a missionary Journey. We organized with President Smith in charge. I was chaplain and Bishop Savage was clerk. Held meeting on Sunday and in evening. [All spoke.] Monday, it snowed and we got as far as Ellsworth. Next day part of the company went hunting. Snows very deep. Returned to Taylor, 20 January. I sawed out some stuff for the Broom Factory and on Friday and Saturday worked at the Factory.

Sunday, 22nd

Went to meeting in Taylor. Spoke on Celestial Marriage. On Monday I went and got some lumber, and on Tuesday we commenced making a few brooms. We continued our broom making during the entire week. Attended High Priest’s meeting on Saturday. President J. N. Smith gave lecture on Church History. Next week went to Ft. Apache to assist John with his loads of freight. Roads very bad. Doubled teams at Scott’s. Camped on Sunday. Monday, I made a wagon tongue. Got some beef at Reidhead’s. Much difficulty and got home on Tuesday, 7 February.

Worked on Taylor Dam—two mules drowned


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