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[During February] Worked on Taylor Dam hauling gravel. Took Ezra, John and Jeremiah out of school to work on this dam. Ezra drove a load of rock onto the dam and old Nance fell down and pulled King into the water with her. Much excitement. Both were drowned thus, I found myself out of a good team worth $300.00. Came to Woodruff on 25 February and began work there on the dam. President Smith excused me from going to Sunset for conference. Samuel Rogers and President Smith attended the Sunset conference and I spoke at meeting in Woodruff on Sunday. Worked on dam till Thursday, 2 March. It was fast day and we held meeting at Woodruff. Very cold and windy on Friday. Went to Holbrook and brought some wire for fencing. Took a man named Stine to St. Johns. He was a hardware dealer. Held two meetings there. Worked on dam at Woodruff 10th, 11th, and 12th of March. Sunday, I gave a short history of the Woodruff Ward to the Stake Clerk, Worked all week on the dam. Went to Taylor Friday in the afternoon.

Monday, March 20

Got some beef of James Pearce, fixed a plow and went to Woodruff. Got Catherine and we went to St. Johns for conference. Stopped at Sister Greer’s. Held meetings on Friday with the Sisters. Attended the theater in evening. On Saturday, 25 March, our quarterly conference convened. Had much instruction on Church Government from President Jesse N. Smith and myself to the Bishops and Counselors. Sunday morning occupied the time, treating on the “Spirits Made Manifest.” Counselor Richey resigned as counselor to Bishop Udall. In evening I gave a patriarchal blessing to Sister Udall. Arrived at Woodruff on Wednesday. Came to Taylor on Friday and found all well.

You will find this Journal continued in a larger book called “Woodruff.” This book I file away at Taylor, Sunday morning, 2 April, 1882.

JOURNAL VII 1882-1884


[This journal in the original is about 8 x 12 1/2 inches, 3/4 inch thick. Much worn. It has writing in about one-third of it. Pen and ink were used mostly; however, there are a few pages of pencil writing. There are seven pages of loose paper in the book which I shall copy at the close of this book. These pages repeat much of the opening sheets in Journal #1, but there are many details included which we do not find in the first account. Exact copy of fly leaf follows.]


This journal has the record from 1 April, 1882, to September, 1884. Whilst in Utah, I got Brother Richey of Nephi whilst laboring in the temple to write a number of things of importance--history. In case of death, please call on him for the manuscript. I think his name was Charles, a half brother of George Barber.

Look for Journal which is in Utah. It was kept in 1855 and 1856 and also two black covered books kept in Franklin. Contains journal in England for 1856 to 1858.


[Written on the inside of the front cover in L. H. Hatch handwriting, we read.]

Thomas Hatch was born in Lehi, 1862. Edmond Hatch has the genealogy of the Hatch family. His address is: Hudson, New York.

Saturday, April 1, 1882

Repaired fence, hoed and plowed some. Sunday, I did some writing to Clarey and Ruth. Went to visit Brother Nelson Beebe. [Worked on his farm at the bench and went for one load of timber and records. They stopped on Thursday to go to fast meeting.] April 6, the water arrived on my place today. This is late. It is our conference in Salt Lake. The news of the passage of the Edmunds Bill was confirmed. It was passed by both houses of the National Congress. Alas, the approach of the Son of God is at hand.

Sunday, 9th

Attended meeting in Taylor and gave some instruction in reference to the temples built at Kirtland and at Nauvoo. During the week, I wrote a petition to the owners of the ditch (Taylor, Arizona) for a stream of water if I would keep the ditch in repair and let the natural flow go to the owners of land below. But my humble request was not granted. I went to meeting at Taylor and afterwards rode to Snowflake with Brother Hulett. Gave him, his wife and some others their blessings. (Patriarchal)

John [son] started from here [Taylor] to go with Nelson Beebe ‘to San Pedro. They were stopped at Camp Apache because of Indian difficulties so they could not go forward. Thomas Hatch [son] came to Taylor from Camp Apache where he had been with freight. I had not seen him for five months, as he had been to Salt River and Prescott freighting. I was glad to see him. He left for Woodruff on Friday, the 21st, and I put in some wheat on this date and received a very interesting letter from Brother George Q. Cannon.

Saturday, April 22

Went to Woodruff. President Jesse N. Smith went with me and we held meeting concerning land interests with Bishop Owens. Two meetings on Sunday. Monday, I started for Taylor and stayed all night with President Smith in Snowflake. He gave me a plow. Furrowed out some wheat and prepared garden ground. Planted first corn and then planted some cane. Visited our Day School. I gave some instructions and encouragement to our teachers, Sisters Ida and Annie Hunt. Got the water for the first time to water my lucern and some trees and went to High Priests meeting where I gave some instructions relative to contents of the letter received from Brother Cannon.


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