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Was one of the most exciting times in our history. At St. Johns, an armed mob of hundreds of Mexicans attacked Nathaniel Creer and his brothers. They killed Nathan C. Tenney and James Vaughn. Our son Hyrum was shot through the left shoulder. He was running for his life. Forty or fifty shots were fired at him and fell like hail about him. He was hit about 350 steps from the scene of action.

I suffered much in my feelings. Tuesday, I arrived in St. Johns. Found Hyrum at Gilbert Greer’s. He was quite feeble. I gave bonds for $500.00 for Hyrum. The three Greer boys were bailed out at $2000.00, all to appear for trial at St. Johns. Mr. MC and Squire Dan were much alarmed for the lives of the Greer boys as they had been threatened. They went to Greer’s Ranch, Sister Greer and family taking Hyrum with them. I stayed and held meeting and comforted the Saints.

Hyrum had a poor night. Monday, I left for Woodruff. Met Thomas coming with others to guard the Greer Ranch. He returned with me. I took Catherine, little May, and little Wilford and started for Greers. Camped Tuesday night. Had one quilt and my cape for our bed. Arrived at 1:00 P.M. very tired and Catherine met her son Hyrum and a scene that cannot well be described was witnessed. That of deep sympathy and wailing of the heart of a fond mother for her wounded son can not be described. Wrote a short account of our difficulties at St. Johns and started for Snowflake to see President Smith. Bishop Standifird was with me. [See Mms. History of St. Johns Ward, 1882. Historian’s Office, Salt Lake City.]

July 10

Arrived with President Smith at Greers ranch where I found Catherine. Hyrum was doing well as could be expected. The Greers, Hyrum and three others were indicted. On the 13th, they appeared and plead not guilty. [There was a feud of long standing between the whites and Mexicans over the range, public domain on which their cattle grazed.]The case was continued until next term. Took Catherine, the children and Hyrum to Woodruff. [Daughter Adeline was at St. Johns through the shooting and subsequent events. She had gone with Hyrum the week previous for an extended Fourth of July celebration with their Greer friends. Adeline’s close friend and Hyrum’s date, Miss Oasis Greer or Mrs. Blasengame, is still alive to tell us of the excitement, 9 May, 1957]

Wednesday, July 26

I sent a letter to Bishop Savage.

Saturday, August 3

I gave five patriarchal blessings to Brother Lundquist and family and spoke to a good assembly of Saints at 2:00 P.M. Worked on the farm. Hauled lumber. Thomas, driving up a little hill, his lead mare fell and a stake from the load ran through her below the heart. He led her off and shot her. We returned home much

afflicted in spirit because of this chastisement.

August 5

At Forest Dale in company with Bishop Standifird, Joseph Smith and John R. Reidhead. Stayed with Brother George Lake. Sunday at 10:00 A.M. we met and administered the sacrament, after which, I spoke of this ordinance and gave some advice. It should be administered only to baptized faithful, members. Some partake unworthily. After which, Bishop Standifird read a letter from Apostle Erastus Snow, stating that he (Brother Snow) had not counseled the resettling of Forest Dale. Brother Joseph Smith spoke for a short time in a very earnest manner. I followed giving my early experience in the ministry and counseled the Saints to move out with their families from Forest Dale. After securing their crops, leave the place for the Indians whether it is on the reservation or not. I had a long talk with Pedro and some of his band. Explained the good feelings we had for all Indians. Showed them the Book of Mormon and told them I had baptized some Zunis and Navajos six years ago. We heard several of the brethren speak who felt quite cast down about leaving their new homes. I called a vote to see who would obey the counsel. When a few hands were raised, we left. Traveled during the evening through a beautiful forest. We were very warmly received by Brother Edson Whipple, who provided for us food and shelter. He has a large family of sons and sons-in-law and their families.

Brother Whipple is preparing to bring out water for family purposes with a fine pump. It is a lovely place to build a home in the beautiful glades of this forest. Next morning we visited the surroundings and started for home. We stopped at Brother Adair’s and I gave some counsel on re-baptism and turning to the Lord to some of the careless. We arrived at Bishop Standifird’s at 2:00 P.M. and made out our minutes of the trip and forwarded them to J. N. Smith. Got our dinners with the Bishop and came on home August 11, two heavy rains. Did much good. (Moved back to the ranch. Much harvesting. Wi1lard dug a well.) John came home from San Pedro, Sunday the 3rd. He was glad and well. We were glad to see him.

September 1

Finished threshing. Had 124 bushels of wheat. I brought my molasses mill up from Snowflake. Made a boiler for the molasses and got a sweep. Ezra has been sick since our arrival home. Received a letter from the family of H.E. Hatch [son] and he sent me $75.00.

September 5

We made some molasses for the boys to take haying.

September 9

We then went on to Round Valley where we arrived at 6:30 P.M. On Sunday the 10th, I spoke to a good congregation in reference to my visit. The bishop gave out word for all complaints to be presented to me before


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