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I left. I occupied fifty minutes and we had a good time on the principles of forgiveness, etc. Settled some difficulties. Drove to the upper town and held meeting. I spoke on the principle of charity and the restoration of the gospel. We had several unbelievers. Stayed all night with Brother Holden and on Monday gave several blessings and then went to Brother Hyrum Biglers and heard the teachers relate some difficulties. I advised the parties concerned to go with me and see the bishop. They did. I trust that it will be of value to them. I gave several blessings in the lower town. Went to Brother Snow and got some supper. Gave his son and one of his daughters their blessings and then went to the Bishop’s and settled some difficulties. On Tuesday, gave Sister Christopherson (Sarah) and Sister Taylor their blessings and started for home.

September, 14th

Found all well. Made a molasses boiler. Went to town and found that cattle had done some damage on my lot. Set out some strawberries. A beautiful rainstorm on Saturday. I asked Brother Mills to copy some lines written by Sister Martha Bigler [The following nine verses are inserted by a different hand.]

Poem dedicated to L. H. Hatch

September 11, 1882. Round Valley

Lines dedicated to President L. H. Hatch in response to his visit to Round Valley.

We hail the messengers of peace.

We’ve prayed and waited long

That God would send his servants here

To rectify each wrong.

And if we all have gone astray

May power be given to you

To see us now as we are seen

And scan our spirits through.

To meet out justice to each one,

The aggressors and the aggressed,

And may we all have mercy too--

The oppressers and the oppressed.

May healing balm from God be given

And through our spirits run

To take away all evil thoughts

And make our hearts as one.

We deplore the unhappy state

You find the people in.

We know that judgment soon will come.

If we abide in sin.

When the head is sick and weak in points .

The body will be faint.

But when that member is bright and clear

There should be no complaint. .

Oh, may all things be righted up

And we commence anew;

And trust in God our Father

Our acts, we’ll then not rue,

Oh, then awake, ye saints awake.

Put on the armour bright

Be filled with love and charity

And stand firm in the right.


We-hail all noble men of God

Who are ever kind and just

Who are meek and humble as a child

And true to every trust.

Sunday, September 17

Went to Snowflake and saw President Smith. We had a frost three nights. I worked all week making molasses, worked till late at night. Got a letter from my daughter Clarey with news of her troubles and sickness and the death of my little grandson. [Arta] He was three months old; sick nine days. He was the son of L. L. [Lorenzo Lafayette] Hatch. I felt quite bad having worked harder than common.

Saturday, 30th Willard returned from cutting hay, John and Thomas went with fruit to Camp Apache. I went to meeting at (Stake) conference. We heard from the bishops in the afternoon. I spoke on recommends, the necessity of all living up to their privileges or how could a bishop recommend them to the house of the Lord. President Lot Smith gave some excellent instruction. After meeting, I gave Widow Robinson her blessing, also Joseph Millett, and returned home late at night.

Sunday, October 1

Prepared for meeting (Stake Conference). Gave a blessing to Alfred Cluff. Meetings lasted through Monday. Brother Williams gave a discourse on the first principles. President J. N. Smith gave a talk on polygamy. Had a most interesting time. I found on Tuesday morning a number of horses and cattle in my corn. I’ve worked early and late all year bringing crops up and yet each morning loose stock get in. I have been greatly injured by this class of destroyers. I was four days at conference and am to start on October 9 for the Gila Valley. This destruction has made me much hard labor and extra care.

Monday, 9th

S. D. Rogers, Jacob Hamblin and I loaded in our outfit at my house and Martin Mills hitched in his horse and we [started for the Gila Valley] drove to Forest Dale and held meeting. Stayed at Brother Ballards. Tuesday,


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