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we drove to W. Folette, got dinner and administered to Sister Folette who was very sick. We camped near to the old Sawmill. One of Brother Hunt’s team got scared and ran away. [Bishop Hunt of Snowflake and President J. N. Smith apparently were traveling along with Lorenzo Hill Hatch, Hamblin and Rogers in another wagon. There may have been other brethren along also.]

The brethren went out to hunt the runaway mare, but it got dark and they came back without her. She had a nose sack on. After prayers, we felt that President Smith’s prayer would be answered. Bishop Hunt and President Smith started out. Found the animal all sweaty and only a short distance from us. We were all thankful.

Wednesday, 11th

Traveled thirty-two miles and camped on Black River. [near Fort Apache] After dark a drunken soldier came to us and we were much pleased when an officer came and took him away. [travels continued] Traveled down a rocky canyon past a soldier station on Ash Creek, camped near a green hill, thirty miles from Black River. Very rough road. We nooned on the Gila River and were met by Brothers Teples and Henry Dalls at Fort Thomas. Teams were tired. Part of company stopped. President Smith, J. Hamblin and myself rode into Smithfield with Brother Dalls.

Saturday, October 14

Held meeting and President Smith gave counsel on how to divide the land. I spoke, and in the afternoon Brother Hamblin and others spoke. Good Priesthood meeting was held in the evening. Counsel was given by President Smith and myself. Set apart several teachers and the Sunday School Superintendancy and others. Held three meetings on Sunday. I gave counsel concerning the building of a grist mill and instructions for this purpose. I gave seven or eight blessings in the evening. President Smith went to the Young Men’s meeting while I gave the blessings. Next day we visited at St. Curtis, held a meeting, gave some counsel. I gave one blessing. Saw an excellent water ditch, twelve miles long. In places it was perfect, being sixteen feet wide at the bottom. We saw choice land on our return to Smithfield. Said good-bye to the Saints. We had held eight meetings.

We came out past Safford. Found Mexican houses and farms all the way. After passing Solomonville we had a twenty-five miles drive for water. Found good water at Ash Springs. Drove eight miles to the middle of the Gila River and traveled up the stream. Passed several freight teams loaded for Clifton. Nooned in a rich valley where I gathered hops. Traveled over beautiful bench to Burro Springs. Came to the crossing of the Upper Gila and found some nice ranches but about as frosty as Snowflake. Twenty-two miles to Duck Creek, saw a white house and the finest stock ranch in the country. This country has been sold for $22,000.

Saturday, 21st

Traveled over very rough road, down through a very difficult Box Canyon. Arrived at Williams. The Saints were very glad to see us. Held meeting in the evening where our teachings were given in much plainness. Held three meetings on Sunday. Reproved bad language and drunkenness. We ordained Brother William McLellan as Bishop of Pleasanton Ward. Blessed Brothers William and Hamblin as home missionaries. Bade the Saints farewell on Monday and started up the San Frisco pass. Came down one of the most fearful hills that could be, except at Lee’s Ferry, south hill. Brother Hamblin killed two ducks. Brother Mills saw a bear.

Wednesday, 25th

Traveled thirty-two miles yesterday and crossed over Apache Mountain today. Saw lots of wild turkeys and climbed the worst mountain of the trip, camped at night in a beautiful valley. Went through twenty-two miles of rough roads and into Bush Valley. Got dinner at Brother Coleman’s and held meeting at the upper settlement. Held one in the evening. Left for Nutrioso on Saturday and held meeting. President Smith and I spoke to the Saints. These people have built up a nice town but they rejected the place that was selected by President Erastus Snow, B. Young, and Lyman. We got dinner at Brother Pace’s. We blessed Brothers Ramsey and Clark as home missionaries at Bush Valley.

Sunday, 29th

Round Valley. Held meeting at the upper town called Amity. We both spoke, organized a ward, called and ordained a bishop, Almon Holden. Ordained David Johnson second counselor to the bishop. Brothers Ballard and Mills left us for Forest Dale. Bishop McLellan went with them. Held meeting in the lower town and ordained Brother H. Greer as first counselor to Bishop Holden.

I gave three blessings in the evening. Went to St. Johns on Monday. Held meeting at Erastus. One of the best that we have had. Singing was excellent. Wednesday, we left for home where we found all well.

Thursday, November 2

It was fast day. I attended with my little girls and gave a short account of our trip. John (son) left with others to bring in the remains of James Humor who froze to death 13 January, 1882. He was found by William Johnson of Woodruff whilst herding sheep for W. Flake. He was five miles from where he was lost. He was found 31 October being lost nine months and eighteen days. Fixed table, gate, and under the house.

Sunday, 5th

Went (from Ranch) down to Taylor and gave five blessings, Tuesday, at Snowflake I got the home missionaries together, six of them. President Smith and myself blessed them for their labors in this Stake of Zion. Gave five patriarchal blessings to Merrill Willis and family.


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