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Went to Taylor and got a log to make into shingles and I made some to cover my house. Went to Woodruff November 14. Found Hyrum had gone to Wingate with Mr. N. Greer. Thomas was away hunting cows. Came home without any. President Smith came and we organized the Relief Society at Woodruff. Set apart Sister Catherine Hatch as president and Sisters Owens and Reidhead as counselors, and Sister Johnson as treasurer. Bought a corn sheller, shucked corn, and shelled some; Elley helped me. It rained. Hunted cows but found none. Killed a beef and sold beef in Holbrook. Got back in time for meeting Saturday night.

Sunday, 19th

I read the revelation given to John Taylor and called upon the people to adopt it. Had much of the good spirit.

Sunday, December 3

I talked on the necessity of a perfect understanding of the revelations at Taylor. [Detail of much work in shop and on farm as well as the water ditch.] Took a load of poles and went to Woodruff to go to school. Joseph N. Heywood was teacher (at Woodruff school) I made a desk and seat and put in a window. Jeremiah and I went to work for John Reidhead on his house. [I believe that J. N. Heywood taught an evening school for adults. Grandfather could have attended it many evenings during that winter although he continues to travel back and forth from Taylor to Woodruff and the days are full of “fixit,” water ditch, the Reidhead house and much Church work.] Gave two blessings to Orvel Allen’s family.

January 1, 1883

The first of January. I worked on my house and blessed John Norton of Round Valley. I worked faithfully on my house all the week. Sunday, the 7th, gave eight patriarchal blessings and attended two meetings. Monday, worked on house. Met with lesser Priesthood. Gave instructions on duties of officers, purity of life and chastity. Tuesday, moved into the house [house at Taylor] on November 9. Dedicated it and gave three blessings. Wednesday, gave Jeremiah and Annette their blessings. Gave Heber Albert his blessing, Saturday, prepared to leave for Woodruff and for the North. [North means Cache Valley.]

I was gone North for six months. An account of my trip and a while after my return will be found in two small memorandums. Should be recorded in this book. I will turn to page twenty-eight and continue. [At this point in the record there are ten pages left without any writing. Apparently the transfer from memorandum to Journal was never accomplished.]

August 24, 1883

I got up at 4:00 A.M. and prepared to start to Adams Valley. James Pearce came and got me. We traveled thirty-five miles to St. Joseph Camp where we camped

till morning. [Here they were joined by] President J. N. Smith and two of his wives, John Hunt and his two wives and daughter Belle, Samuel Rogers and his wife, his daughter Mary and son Davis, also Brother I. Turley.

Saturday, 25th

We drove up a fine canyon where we found fine fields of corn, beans, potatoes and beets, when we came to Brother Joseph James house. This was the place for our conference. Met at 10:30 A.M. President Lot Smith spoke for a half hour. I spoke thirty minutes. Gave some detail of my journey to Idaho Territory. At 1:00 P.M. heard reports 0f the bishops. Sunday at 10:00 A.M. met and named the place Willard. Ordained J. James Bishop with Locy Rogers, Jr. and Brother Whiting counselors. President J. N. Smith spoke in the afternoon and then we left for the lower settlement where we camped. Monday, 27th, arrived home safely. Tuesday, went to Snowflake and blessed two of Brother Rogers’ daughters. Wednesday, sent John out haying and bought a piece of land on which to build a barn. Ezra hauled hay. Thursday, the boys hauled hay and I made out a bill for the barn. Friday, wrote to Joel Ricks and went to the farm to dig sandburrs.

Saturday, September 1

Gave bill for $45.75 for fruit trees and watered garden and potatoes. Got up at midnight to turn water and up at 5:00 A.M. again to do the watering. Adeline came up from Snowflake to see us and I returned with her to Snowflake. Alice accompanied me. Hyrum came up from Woodruff and I went to Woodruff. Adeline left Snowflake and traveled with me to Woodruff. I met Brother Levi M. Savage at that place. He had been absent some time. It was Thursday, September 6.

Friday, 7th

Worked in my shop, also Saturday. On Sunday I wrote to L. L. Hatch and H.E. Hatch also T. Smart. I went to meeting and spoke to the Saints. And on Monday the 10th, Thomas and Sister Viola Pearce with Brother Savage and Adeline started for St. George. (The two couples were married there September 28.) Willard and I worked on the granery. There was wind, but still we worked.

Friday, 14th

At 3:00 P.M., I baptized Asche May, my little daughter in the Little Colorado River. She was eight years old on August 29. I confirmed her on Saturday and went to Taylor. Sunday the 16th, went to Whipple with President Smith. Sister Alice Hatch went with us also Sister Smith. Had meeting. Stayed all night with Brother E. Ellsworth where we were well entertained on Monday. We took dinner at Brother Whipple’s. I will here state that Brother Whipple had put in a double action pump which raised the water up on to the bench, most beautiful. He had built a block house for the protection of his family and had raised a good crop in the forest. I was pleased with his perserverance and


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