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faith. Arriving home I found that the boys had started the molasses mill and I went and worked till a late hour.

Sunday, 23rd

I went to meeting and spoke for one hour. Monday and Tuesday, worked on the granery and threshed some beans. Sent some melons to Holbrook. Wednesday, in the morning went to Taylor on horseback. Helped to whitewash and do a variety of tasks. Thursday, made gates, fixed the corral and went to the mill. Friday, met with the sisters in stake conference. At noon Catherine arrived with Brother Lilywhite and family.

Saturday, 29th

We convened for our Quarterly Conference. Had a full meeting, talks, much business and reports. Met at Brother Cardon’s for High Council. At this conference gave reproof for the selling of the inheritances of the Saints to the gentiles, endorsed by President Smith.

Received railroad passes to Conference

October 1

Met at Snowflake to investigate the water rights between Taylor and Snowflake. Lot Smith, Miles P. Romney and Andrew Gibbons were chosen referees. All agreed to abide by their decision. It lasted all day. Taylor was to have five and Snowflake three per acre for reservoirs and ditches. Wrote to Brother Spence for a pass for some parties. (Pass on railroad to Salt Lake for conference, etc.) Spoke at a funeral service for Sister Stratton. Felt much inspired. Went to Woodruff. It was Thursday, fast day. The threshers were threshing and there was no meeting, but I fasted and worked on the granary. Saturday, we had the threshers. Got 145 bushels of wheat. The first wheat I have raised in Woodruff.

Sunday, 7th

Went to meeting. Spoke on things of importance to all. Next three days worked on the granary. Thursday, I fixed barrels while Willard and Hyrum hauled cane and then we made twenty gallons of molasses. This was the first cane raised in Woodruff. Worked on a bedstead and sent Hyrum with twenty bushels of wheat to the mill at Shumway, twenty-eight miles distance. Worked on Saturday to finish the bedstead and fix molasses barrels and a molasses boiler. I wrote to President Preston of Cache County concerning an exchange of wheat.

Sunday 14

Bishop John Hunt, Joseph Fish and John Hulett spoke at Woodruff today. Monday, we made molasses. Hoed squash. On Thursday, Thomas and Adeline returned from St. George. All well and hearty. I painted bedsteads. On Friday, I got up at 2:00 A.M. and worked hard repairing rooms for Thomas and Adeline, varnished bedsteads in the evening and rested tolerable well during the night.

October 23

I went to Woodruff, shucked some corn. The children started to school at Brother Andrew Woods’. Returned to Taylor. John prepared to go on a hunt. John and Ezra returned and went and got some corn. Tuesday, John and Ezra went to the saw mill.

October 31

I received a check from H.E. Hatch for $100.00. I got a load of wood.

Sunday, November 4

Prepared my carriage to go and meet Brothers B. Young, Jr. and H. J. Grant. November 11, I arose early and started for Snowflake. I had O. Allen’s horse. He was so slow that I was late but I heard Brothers Young and Grant speak. The subjects: “Word of Wisdom” and “Setting Our Houses in Order.” At Taylor, B. Young and I occupied the time. Education was the main subject.

Monday, 5th

We went to Whipple. Found a fine congregation. They were addressed by B. Young, H. J. Grant, President Smith, and myself on the law of the gospel, word of wisdom, etc. We went to Forestdale (now Showlow) and held council with the Indians. [These brethren traveled to Amity (now Greer), Nutrioso, Alpine, Lunas Valley, Coleman’s Ranch where they paused one afternoon for Brother B. Young, Jr. to go hunting. On to St. Johns and returned to Taylor where Alice Hatch, wife of L. H. Hatch joined them. Then on to Snowflake where they held three meetings and a Priesthood session on Sunday, November 25.

[They held preaching services at each of the above places. In many of them they held two and three meetings. The journal tells of several places of extremely rough road, and grandfather writes of mending the carriage more than once. The village of Erastus, now Concho, was also visited and each member of the party spoke at that place. They were made very welcome at each ward and Elders Young and Grant had special messages for all with emphasis being laid on the word of wisdom.

[The harvest time was growing late and everybody worked hard to gather the last of anything that might be stored for winter. They made much molasses. L. H. Hatch took one hundred gallons of it to St. Johns. His wife, Alice, went with him on this trip. They attended a “conference with the sisters,” and two days of stake conference. He spoke several times, and on Sunday evening gave a patriarchal blessing to Ida H. Udall. On Monday, they settled taxes and started for home.]

Wednesday, December 12

Took molasses to Woodruff for Brother Heywood. [No doubt this was pay for the school master.] Tuesday, 18th. I worked on the dam, also on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Hyrum also worked on the dam. Went to Taylor and on Tuesday the 25th, the boys went


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