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on a spree! I went to the mill and got a load of posts.

January 1, 1884

Woodruff. I wrote several letters, one to H. J. Grant and one to H. E. Hatch. Attended a shooting match. It was a tie, twenty-four shots each. Left Woodruff for Taylor and arrived in Snowflake in time to get the carriage fixed. January 4, I went to Silver City on my birthday. I’m fifty-eight years old. Left Levi Shumway. We joined President Smith. At Erastus we held meeting. I spoke on tithing. Sunday, the 6th, held meeting at Omer. Reorganized the ward by releasing Bishop P. Christopherson and ordaining John T. Eagar as Bishop with Ernest L. Taylor as first counselor-- L. H. Hatch, mouth---and James Robinson second counselor. We parted with Brothers Mann and Shumway who returned to Snowflake and we went forward to Nutrioso with a young man by the name of Taylor, then on to Alpine and held a meeting. President Smith spoke on tithing.

Went to Grant Ward where we organized both Relief Society and Young Ladies’ Mutual. We administered to twenty-two sick persons, one a crippled boy. Traveled on to Pleasanton. Mud Springs, slept on the ground. Thursday, was a stormy day. We put up at Brother William Maxwell’s and on Friday, studied scriptures and next day I hued out five axe handles after which I gave seven blessings and President Smith wrote for me. We held a meeting at night and both of us spoke. We held two meetings on Sunday; we left for Silver City. Traveled thirty-six miles and camped. Slept on the ground. Myself and Brother Hamblin were sick during the night. Our horses ran back five miles. We arrived at Silver City, New Mexico at 3:30 P.M. the next day.

Not well received in Silver City, New Mexico

One Mr. Laferr was feeling bad because the people called him a Mormon and threatened to drive or drum him out of town. We took a room, one dollar for a room and one dollar for three meals. At 7:00 P.M. President Smith began the lecture after singing which was rendered by Maxwell and Brown. The subject of the lecture was, “The Divinity of the Holy Bible.” The subject was well handled, about forty persons present, Wednesday, we spent the day searching the scriptures and at 7:00 P.M. I gave a lecture on the “Divinity of Jesus Christ.” Thursday, the 17th, I again passed the day making references of scripture. At 7:00 P.M. lectured on the origin of the Book of Mormon. I had good liberty of speech. Some questions were asked about the plates and the manuscript of the book, which I answered. At the close of the service a man asked for a lecture on the Mountain Meadow massacre, which subject we promised would be referred to at the next meeting.

Friday, 18th

Wrote a letter to Catherine. We passed the day in our room. President Smith and myself, each day, went to a high hill and sought the Lord to aid us by His Holy Spirit. At 7:00 P.M. President Smith gave a very

interesting lecture on the law of celestial marriage. Questions were asked and the Book of Mormon was called for. We sent for the book. Whilst Brother Tenney was gone for the book, Brother Jacob Hamblin and Bishop Williams gave statements on the Mountain Meadow Massacre, which I believe were satisfactory. Judge Bail asked some questions. President Smith reconciled the sayings of the Book of Mormon and the subject of polygamy. At the close of this meeting four gentlemen came and expressed satisfaction with what they had heard.

The editor of the daily paper recommended “hooting” us out of town and the next evening recommended “extermination.” Later we learned that eggs had been prepared for us to throw at us whilst we were in the hall. But all things were overruled for our safety and we thanked the Lord. Saturday morning we left Silver City for Pleasanton. Silver City has 2500 inhabitants. It has been settled seventeen years. It has some very good brick buildings. Has an altitude of 6000 feet. We bore our testimonies of the Latter-day work and felt that we had done some good.

We traveled Saturday and Sunday till about noon. Reached Pleasanton and at 2:00 P.M. spoke on the law of celestial marriage. Blessed two babies. I gave a blessing to Bishop McLellan’s second wife and Brother Smith wrote it. Monday, we left our friends at Pleasanton and started for Grant, twenty-five miles.

Left Brother Williams at Grant, also Brother Tenney and Brown and the Saints. Went to Alpine with Orvel Allen where we held meeting. We had a very cold ride. President Smith gave a report of our trip to Silver City and I followed. [This same type of meeting was held at Nutrioso, Omer, and Erastus where L. H. Hatch spoke on the law of the priesthood.] Saturday, the 26th, at 5:00 P.M. arrived at Snowflake and Brother Mann took me to Taylor the next morning. I spoke in Taylor for one hour on our trip to Silver City. Brother Christopherson stayed all night with me.

January 29

Went to Snowflake with Bishop Standifird and attended a board meeting of the water committee. (Next two days.) I worked making fence and a calf stable. President Smith reported our trip at Taylor on February 1. Saturday afternoon I went to Woodruff. Attended meeting and told of our trip.

(This week.) Fixed a plow and plowed some. A heavy flood came down and did considerable damage at Taylor and Snowflake as well as Woodruff. Thomas Hatch lost a new plow. Willard and Hyrum killed a pig. I plowed. It was windy. Went to fast meeting. It rained and snowed and I moved into my shop and prepared to work at the bench. Saturday I plowed.

Sunday, February 10

I went in company with Brother Reidhead and others to hold a meeting at Holbrook. Mr. Zuke opened his


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