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hotel for the purpose. We treated the first principles and good order prevailed. On Monday, I wrote to Mr. Zuke, worked in the shop and the boys got wood. Tuesday, I got a letter from H.E. Hatch of nine pages, pertaining to family affairs. The weather is cold, and it froze so hard that we cannot plow. Hyrum worked some on the shed. We organized a Young Ladies at Woodruff, Nora Savage president. Asa Wilcox helped me haul corn.

Saturday, 16th

Wilcox left for Utah on the train and I wrote the General Superintendent of the Arizona-Pacific Railroad requesting him to favor our people in special rates (going to Utah for conference, etc.)

I labored as best I could to keep my head above. It is real cold. I am laboring in the ministry much of the time and drawing money from the North to keep soul and body together and to keep my little ones feet from the ground. Hezekiah E. Hatch has been the “Joseph” thus far to all of us and may he be crowned with blessings from above as I cannot aid him temporally.

I have blessed the sons and daughters of my loins and plead with many tears for their preservation in order that they might become lively branches in the great latter-day work. If my history can be arranged and the journals concentrated, it might be of some interest to my children who come after me. If I had property that I could do so, I would devote a portion for that purpose. I have kept a journal for forty years, much of the time a daily Journal. There are three books at Franklin, Idaho. Much of the most important portion of my mission at St. George and travels to Arizona Territory were lost in the Big Colorado or rather the book was destroyed by the saturation of the water at the time when Brother Lorenzo Roundy was drowned.

Wrote for railroad passes

Saturday, February 22

Arose at midnight to write to railroad superintendent regarding annual passes for the presidencies of the two stakes.

Tuesday, 26th

Wrote to railroad superintendent again in reference to getting passes for the brethren.

Sunday, March 2

Went with President J. N. Smith and others to Holbrook. Brother Smith delivered a lecture on polygamy from the railroad platform. Returned to Woodruff where Brother Smith and Levi Savage and others spoke.

Monday, 3rd

I wrote to the General Superintendent of the Arizona-Pacific Railroad acknowledging receipt of passes.

Tuesday, 4th

I went to Taylor and a terrible flood came down Showlow and Silver Creeks. Flood continued. Went

to the river and helped to ferry President Smith and others across. Attended conference of Young Men’s and Sisters’. Spoke at both meetings. Attended board meeting of the A.C.M.I. It was agreed to give me something for obtaining the passes, from the store. I returned to Snowflake.

Saturday, 8th

A large assembly of people gathered together and we commenced our (stake) conference. President Smith said that men who did not observe the word of wisdom ought not to be allowed to act as teachers. Sunday, I gave an account of our trip to Silver City and also to Holbrook. Gave closing remarks, blessed the people and we adjourned.

Monday, 10th

Brother Fish and I made out the missionary appointments and I wrote two letters to the railroad superintendent asking about passes and I received passes for Brother Argyle and wife also for Brother Fish and wife. I received $20.00.

Thursday, 13th

I set out 100 fruit trees at Woodruff. March 16, attended meeting in St. Johns where we met at the store. President Smith dedicated the same. (This was a new building and opened as a branch of the A.C.M.I.) I made some remarks on trading at the proper place, sustaining co-ops, etc. Saints should be careful and not give the Sacrament to outsiders. Went to Erastus. It snowed and blowed and was very dark. Arrived home safely Monday night.

Wednesday, March 19

Went to the farm and sowed some wheat. Received a letter from Brother Spence of Salt Lake City. He failed to get anything but half-fare for railroad tickets. Thursday, I put up my blacksmith tools and worked at the forge on Friday. Saturday, I went and examined a site for a new dam, east side of Silver Creek. Took up trees and put out some goose berry sprouts, fixed my buggy, etc.

Received railroad passes

March 26

Worked on Woodruff Dam, next day also. Friday, went to Holbrook and saw the brethren off to the conference in Salt Lake. I recommended a reduction in their fares to the railroad. Sunday, I wrote to dear Sylvia and also to Jeremiah. Meeting Sunday, I spoke. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday worked on the dam hauling brush. Friday, the 4th,

I received passes for Brother J. N. Smith and Lot, also Brother Bushman and others. Had a visit with some California men and I wrote to W.F. Smith, General Superintendent of the Arizona-Pacific Railroad also to Agent White and Brother Spence. Sent passes to Brother Bushman and on Sunday, Brothers Samuel


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