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Rogers and Henry Willis spoke at our meeting and gave good counsel--talked on the Book of Mormon. Worked on dam on Monday, also the rest of the week. [Next week on the dam] Wrote to President Woodruff.

Saturday, April 19

This morning the Woodruff Dam washed out at 7:00 A.M. Much excitement prevailed. Sunday, I went to Snowflake to hear President Smith lecture on his trip to the City (S. L. C.) and Alice went with me. Willard and John took second load of freight to Apache. [at Woodruff] I planted seven rows of corn in dry ground. On the 22nd, I helped the bishop repair fence and put in some potatoes and wet the manure with water from the river. [Did he haul the manure to the water or the water to garden?] Set a tire on my carriage and planted some garden, hauling water to the rows in barrels. Sunday, spoke to the people of Woodruff for forty-five minutes, showing that our sufferings are not as great as many, citing Job and Jonah, St. John and the Master. Received passes for the October Conference or that on a return of our tickets we should have a renewal for myself and wife and Brother John Bushman. [It appears that he was able to get passes for a few and half fare for all who desired to go to General Conference and would buy tickets on certain appointed days.]

May 1

We had a good meeting. Willard had just returned from Apache where he drowned one of his horses. The bishop called on Willard and James D. Smithson, Jr. to go to St. Johns on a mission. It commenced raining and continued all night and on Friday also. Repaired my plows and on Saturday, Hyrum and Burt commenced to put in corn. Thomas came from Alpine. Willard gathered up supplies for his trip. I plowed some and all hands went to work with their mights to put in corn. [Remember their dam was out and this good rain had given hope.] Brother Hamilton and I put in corn and besought the Lord for rain.

May 9

Brother B. Young, Jr. and M. Lyman arrived and went on to Snowflake. And on Saturday we held meeting with the Apostles at Taylor. Much instruction of a reform character was given including home industries.

Sunday, we had two meetings at Snowflake and on Monday, went to Mortenson’s and held a meeting. After meeting I saw John’s place. Our company consisted of Brothers Smith, Mann, and John Hunt. I rode with Bishop Hunt. Tuesday, we organized a Ward at Showlow, placing Horace Hansen as Bishop, with William Ellsworth and Willard Whipple as counselors. I stayed at Edmond Ellsworth’s with Brother Lyman. Went to camp where Willard (son) and others were camped and got my hair cut. (St. Johns) We met in conference at this place on Saturday, 17th. On this date the temple at Logan was dedicated. Our evening session was priesthood meeting. We received instructions from

the Apostles. Decided to have Sunday, tomorrow, as a fast, from morning until sundown. Our meetings were of very excellent character. A new group of home missionaries were called, amonst whom was Willard and Thomas Hatch.

At 4:00 P.M. we met at the Bishop’s and named the rioters of St. Johns and presented them to the Lord, hoping and feeling that we would be heard and that these wicked men would be brought to naught. At 7:00 P.M. we met and gave instructions to the home missionaries and set them apart. It rained heavily all the latter part of the night and the next day. I gave several blessings on Sunday and some more on Monday. At Omer, I stayed with Brother Skousen Brother. Lyman and I slept together. We talked over matters considerable. Held meeting at Nutrioso where Brothers Smith, Flake, Lyman and Young spoke. We arrived in Alpine at 6:00 P.M. Thomas (son) had arrived ahead of me and had Elley, my daughter, with him.

Held meeting in Alpine, a full house. I was first speaker. Brother Lyman and Young also spoke. Went to Lyman’s valley, stayed at Brother Clark’s. We received word of the arrest of Bishop Udall and Brother Romney, on charge of perjury. Heavy bonds were required. [We will find that the brethren are under very heavy persecution until after the time of the L.D.S. Manifesto.] Friday, we held meeting at 9:00 A.M. I gave three blessings before meeting. Went to St. Johns, visited with Brother Romney on Tuesday. Gave a blessing to Sister Jensen. Back to Taylor, found all well when I arrived at 4:00 P.M. I grubbed some on the Millett claim Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

June 1

Went to Woodruff. Monday, I commenced work on the dam. This being a general turnout of the stake we worked till Thursday which was fast day. Held fast meeting in the morning, but worked dam in the afternoon. Friday and Saturday I worked on it also. Brother Lyman and B. Young arrived. All well. Sunday, June 8, we had meeting. Lot Smith, B. Young and Brother Lyman spoke. Much choice counsel was given. At 2:00 P.M. President J. N. Smith spoke after which the Apostles did. We had five of the Holbrook politicians at our meeting. After meeting, we held a political caucus about the affairs of the county and laid some plans for breaking up the St. Johns ring.

Received a letter from Apostle Moses Thatcher and from my son H.E. Hatch. On Monday, we had quite a force on the dam. Three of the brethren from St. Johns who were returning to their families in Utah worked a few days on the dam whilst waiting to get passes on the railroad. I gave them recommends for special rates to Salt Lake City and also one to Brother White who had backed out of his mission to St. Johns and to his family also.


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