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We put in a full week on the dam. Monday, we again worked on the dam and worked up until 2:00 P.M. On the following Saturday, June 21, when I went to Taylor, President Smith went with me and Ascha May. (daughter)

Sunday, June 22

I went to Shumways Mill and got 100 pounds of flour and then went to Snowflake and heard the missionaries. After this, I was called to offer the dedicatory prayer for the new brick store. Alice accompanied me. Monday went to Woodruff with President Smith and my two little girls, Ascha and Lula. I went to work. Willard went to Apache with a load of fruit. Wednesday, we really stopped the water and on Thursday, I got the boat out of the mud. I mailed a letter to Sylvia.

Friday and Saturday, we worked on headgates for the ditches, hoping to get the water out. But Sunday the alarm was given that the dam was giving way. We worked all day and guarded the place in turns whilst men got their food and a set of hands worked through the night and secured the weak places. On Tuesday, July 1, the water began to fall into the reservoir.

Monday, 30th

We worked on the repairs of the dam till Thursday. We fasted on Thursday and worked in the afternoon. Friday, July 4, I got on a horse and went to Snowflake and heard the remarks, speeches and songs. Went to Taylor and wrote about my things that were lost a year ago.

Sunday, July 6

Wrote this day to Clarey. Attended meeting and heard president Smith and Brother West. Monday, I hoed in the garden and planted corn. Wrote to Ruth and to the land office in Prescott. During the week I fixed corrals, pigpen, hoed in the garden, watered garden, went to the farm and planted corn and on Sunday, went to Showlow with Brother Brimhall. Held meeting in the Hollow. After meeting we visited Brothers Hanson, McNeil and others. Brother Whipple gave me 100 corn. [Whether the corn was in cans, bags, kernels, or ears, the record does not say.] Returned to Taylor.

During the week I worked at the farm. Went to Snowflake and found Brother Romney and his family at President Smith’s. We counseled over the arrest of M. Tenney by the St. Johns ring. Returned home and planted corn. Made a wagon tongue on Saturday for President Smith.

Sunday, July 20

Went to Snowflake and took Alice with me. At meeting I occupied the time. Wednesday, I left Taylor with my oxen for Woodruff. Stopped and counseled with President Smith, got some oats from Bishop Hunt, drove off from the road to get some posts and wood, etc. When the load was all on, I got back onto the road and it was sundown. The road was muddy. I continued my march in the dark for twelve miles when I arrived at the

river. It was 2:00 A.M. and I found the stream swollen to a wonderful heighth. I was unable to cross and being only in my shirt sleeves, I suffered through the night.

Thursday, July 24

Found me on the bank of the Little Colorado, cold and sleepy. The river was twelve feet deep and I had to unload my posts and turn back to the six mile crossing. One of my oxen laid down, being sick, and I had to stop for a while. I got breakfast at the crossing. Left my wagon here, put my garden stuff on the yoke and crossed the Silver Creek. With great difficulty I got up the bluff (on the west side) by unyoking the oxen. Again yoked the oxen and adjusted my pack, got onto the near ox and started down to Woodruff on the west side of the river. It was a dreary hot day and with much difficulty I arrived at the dam about noon and found that the flood had done its terrible work. The middle of the dam had given way and the falling of the water had undermined the work and again the water found the bottom of the stream bed.

Willard, Hyrum and Clarence Owens came over with the boat and took me with Ardeen Owens safely over. The stream was still dangerous. I got to the school house in time to hear the oration. [It was the 24th, you know.] and several speeches. Great sorrow prevailed in the, town, yet dancing, songs, etc., was kept up till a late hour. Visited the dam. Much fault is being found with the work. We are all the sufferers.

Monday, 28th

Woodruff. Bishop Owens returned from Snowflake with the word that a store was to be built at this place by the people of this ward taking the contract to put up the building.

I hauled water to my garden and put some dirt on the roof of the house. I gave a blessing to Willard Mortenson. I was quite sick and worn out. Friday, August 1, I came to Taylor with Brother Reidhead. We stopped at Snowflake and made some arrangements about contract for the store. President Smith and Sister Smith are summoned to St. Johns as witnesses in the Hunt case.

Sunday, August 10

I preached the funeral sermon of Catherine Standifird. During the week, I put in some sash. John went to Apache and had the hardest run of the season. Helped to move and put up the granary, made two doors. Bert helped me. Sunday I read in the Book of Mormon in Helaman on pages 378-386. Worked in the field four days, and on Friday it rained also on Saturday we had a heavy shower. I made window sash. Rode fifteen miles on horse-back to Juniper and held meeting. Returned the same day. Cut weeds. Worked at a wagon.

Wednesday, September 3

We threshed today. Got ninety-six bushels of wheat. I attended Father Hays funeral. Cut grass, planted onions,


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