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and set out strawberries. Wrote to Catherine. Sent some vegetables and attended the funeral of Mr. Armstrong’s child.

Saturday, 13th

Went to Sister’s conference. Catherine, Adeline and Elley came. This was on Friday. Saturday, we convened for stake conference. Bishop Hunt gave his report, viz: four used tobacco in his ward; Navajo Ward, no tobacco used; Meadow Ward, oats and barley good, wheat and corn poor, money on hand for offerings; and Brother Udall from St. Johns reports the mill is up to the square. Bore testimony. Erastus with S. Johnson reporting that fruit can be grown. There are five men and nine families. Taylor ward there were quite a number who used tobacco and rye on hand for sale to sow. At 6:00 P.M. met in priesthood meeting and President Smith gave counsel for parties to mind their own business. Number of Saints in stake, 2625.

Woodruff reports fast offering on hand. Omer Ward report good. Nutrioso has seven headed wheat on hand. Amity report good. Heber Ward is one of the largest, five or six only doing their duties.

Monday, 15th

Willard took Catherine home. I sent some potatoes, turnips, onions. On Tuesday, I got my adobes hauled for the molasses mill I am building for Bishop Standifird’s place. Saturday, we set up the molasses mill. Sunday, I did some chores and preparation for the conference in October. I occupied some of the meeting, attended Lesser Priesthood meeting and wrote several letters. Monday, made an arch for the molasses mill, and Tuesday, started the molasses mill. Wednesday, made molasses.

Goes to Salt Lake City and Cache Valley

Thursday, 25th

Went to Snowflake. Elder John Morgan and Erastus Snow spoke in the forenoon. At 2:00 P.M. Joseph F. Smith, Lot Smith, L. H. Hatch and others spoke. At the close of this conference I was called to go to October conference in Salt Lake. Friday, 26th, John took me to Snowflake and I rode down to Woodruff with Bishop Hunt, wrote out several passes. Saw the dam and counseled about it. Saturday, went to Holbrook. Catherine, little May and Wilford went with me but we got no pass for them, so they returned and I went on in company with President J. N. Smith, Erastus Snow, J. Morgan, Joseph James, and Sister Bushman and Sister Ida. [He did go to Salt Lake City for conference in October 1884 and on to Cache Valley. I found the following entry.] 1884 My journal has been kept in Arizona from this time to the present, including stop at St. George. This date is 16 October 1884, at which time I got Sylvia’s second annointings and had L. L. Hatch, Clara, Hezekiah, and Ruth adopted to me and their mother. And Hezekiah was married to Georgia Thatcher. All was done at the Logan Temple. M.

Thatcher officiating. (at marriage) The adoptions were by M. W. Merrill.

On Friday 17, I and my family worked for the dead. Myself for Hezekiah Hatch (my father), endowments. Adeline (Barber, my sister) for my mother, Aldura Sumner, endowments. Slyvia for Malona Sumner, endowments. Ruth for Minerva Hatch Sumner. These three were sealed by Joseph F. Smith at Salt Lake to my father, Hezekiah Hatch, on the 12th of October, 1871. [No doubt “these three” mean: Aldura, Malona, and Minerva.]

[And here the journal ends, about two thirds of the book remains empty. This “Ida” mentioned no doubt was Ida Hunt Udall. Written inside the back cover in hand of L. H. Hatch, “I call this Book Woodruff as I have several small journals, one at Franklin about this size with my history written whilst at Filmore attending the Legislature of 1855-56. I have two small black covered books written in England in 1856-57-58. (signed) L. H. Hatch, April 2, 1886.” The journals referred to in this last quote are contained herein.]



ARIZONA 1884 “

December 6, 1884

I was notified by President J. N. Smith that it was prudent to leave at once. (I was at Taylor) At 3:00 P.M. I left my family at Taylor and at 9:00 P.M., arrived at Woodruff. The family at Taylor was much affected to part with their head, I being in my fifty-ninth year and very indulgent to wife and children. So on Saturday, December 6, at half past 3:00 P.M., (at Taylor) I called the members of my family that were present including L. M. Savage, and on the evening committed my family to the care of the Living God.

[Copy of an old letter head found among, correspondence of Lorenzo Hill Hatch. This one bore the date, 24 June, 1885.]

OFFICE OF L. H. HATCH Agent for Rail Bonds

In behalf of Latter-day Saints

requiring transportation



Whilst at Woodruff, I had no time but to eat and write out passes, for fleeing brethren on the railroad and gave instructions to my son Hyrum, how to do business in giving instructions and how to make out papers, etc. After writing the passes and a letter to Brother Mann, we left Woodruff with Brother J. D. Smithson, President J. N. Smith, J. Fish, and J. N. Standifird. At St. Joseph, where we arrived at 6:00 A.M. Sunday, we got breakfast


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