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and administered to Sister Mary Bushman. President John Bushman took his team and carried us to Sunset where we met Lot Smith. Got dinner and prepared a program.

It was 2:00 P.M., we had traveled all night and suffered much with cold and the want of sleep because our announcement was so short. It was December 7 and it was Sunday. We had a meeting at 6:00 P.M. President Lot Smith called on President J. N. Smith, David Savage, and L. H. Hatch to talk, We had a splendid meeting. President Lot presented to the people of the Little Colorado Stake for Second Counselor (W. C. Allen had been called back to Utah) the name of T. W. Brookbank, and we set him apart. John Bushman was promoted to first counselor to President Lot Smith. This is in order to have all things in running order before we start back to Utah.

Monday, December 8

We got a good sleep and were well rested. Myself and President J. N. Smith got breakfast at Brother Foster’s. We started at 10:00 A.M. Lot Smith and John Bushman added to our company. We had a good fitout, two wagons, one pair of mules and a fine span of horses as we left our friends at Sunset. Sister Foster gave me a pair of mittens and a pair of socks.

We traveled thirty miles through the mud. It had rained all night. We camped on the wash. Rained all night again, and on Tuesday, we made thirty miles and camped at Black Falls. We traveled late into the night because the rain kept up all day. Wednesday, we started at 8:30 A.M. Camped near the river that night and on Thursday, we passed by Willow Creek. Got supper and traveled on through the storm till 11:00 P.M. We camped at or near the McClellan Tank, and had good feed and traveled thirty-five miles. Friday, we had a dreadful day, snowed all day. We came up the worst hill with difficulty and turned out at 5:00 P.M. Had traveled about sixteen miles. We were about eight miles south of Lime Stone Tanks.

Saturday, we met a large company going to St. Johns, Arizona and got some grain to feed by giving them orders on the Woodruff Co-op. We found many drifts of snow and in some places very difficult to pass through. Camped at Bitter Springs. It was with difficulty that we could stand the cold, however; we slept tolerably well. Some serious thoughts passed through our minds as to our persecutions and the cause thereof. But the voice of the good spirit said, “Fear not, the Kingdom is yours.”

Sunday, 14th

Made about sixteen miles. Yesterday Brothers Fish and Bushman went back about four miles to find our teams. J. S. S., myself and Brother Standifird walked on four or five miles. Arrived at the Big River (Colorado) about 5:00 P.M. having traveled twenty-two miles. We were taken safely across by Brothers Chris Lindsay and David Brinkerhoff. We found hard places at the

river. We had a good supper gotten up by Sister Lydia Ann Brinkerhoff. Found ourselves in a fine climate and rested well. Arose and got breakfast at same place. Concluded to stay all day to recruit our team. Attended at meeting and we had much good counsel. Tuesday, got some grain and outfit of provisions. Brother J. N. Smith and myself walked and found good feed. Started (left the river) at 9:00 A. M.

Wednesday, we traveled to House Rock, a distance of twenty miles. Found much wet snow, fifteen inches deep. Left House Rock on Thursday and drove up to the Buckskin, two miles. We walked most of the day. Friday, we met several teams which helped us wonderfully. Met Brother Baley Brimhall and drove on to Johnson, where we were kindly received by Brother Nephi (Johnson) and given every comfort that his house afforded. Saturday, started at 11:00 A.M. Sister Johnson put up some apples and beef. We loaded up with hay and traveled up the Johnson Canyon, fourteen miles. Camped. It snowed and rained considerable. Hard for our teams.

Sunday, drove all day in heavy storm and fog. Stayed at night with Bishop Robinson. On Monday, we fixed the wagon reach, and traveled out of most of the snow. Camped on the prairie. Passed through Hillsdale where President J. N. Smith and three others stopped for dinner. Bishop J. H. S. and I came on five miles and got dinner at Chris Scow’s and rode on with Brother Bushman to Panguitch. I stopped at Ira Hatch’s and was kindly received. Wednesday, it rained and I wrote to Alice and Sylvia. President J. N. Smith came in from Hillsdale. Had breakfast with Sister Owens. Camped in the canyon three miles north of Kessler’s Ranch. On to Brother Harris’ Ranch on the Sevier River. Kindly received by the father of Bell Harris.

Sunday, December 28, 1884

Drove to Richfield, went to meeting. (We all spoke there.) On Monday, we were well treated by President Thurber and all the Saints. Brother Segmiller cut my hair. A telegram was sent to Salina and we drove through the storm, a distance of twenty miles, and held a meeting. We all spoke. Next day on to Bishop Madsen’s, fifteen miles. We were very cold. Was well treated at Gunnison. Drove to Juab, stayed at John Witbeck’s. Well treated.

Trip to Salt Lake City, January 1885

Thursday, January 1, 1885

I took the train with Brother J. N. Smith and Lot Smith for Salt Lake City. Stopped at Springville and saw Sam Fuller, got some likenesses, visited with Marthey, his wife and Mary who were pleased to see me. Sanford came to the station with me and I took the train for Provo. Went to Samuel Thurman’s where I got a telegram from J. N. Smith requesting to come on the first train. With leading brethren, went in search for a place of refuge, returned with Brother Fish and went to


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