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Sister Waverly’s (in Salt Lake City). My brother Abram was there. Went to see the first house that I built in the tenth ward. Abram went with me. Sunday, 4th, this is my birthday. Took train for Lehi City where I found many of my old friends. [During the following week] Spoke at meeting, Sunday School and priesthood meeting. We had much of the Holy Spirit with us. Visited Brother Edward Stranding, Sister Evans and Charles Karren. Went to Salt Lake and had a talk with President Cannon concerning the affairs of the Eastern Arizona Stake and the brethren who had been sent to prison. Visited with Abram and S. B. Young. Talked with him about the persecutions in Arizona Territory. Stayed all night with Brother Young. Sister Young was much pleased to have me come. Brother Fish went to Albuquerque and Brother Bushman took the team and left for Cache Valley. S. B. Young sent his boy to take me to the station. He gave me five dollars. My brother Abram and Thomas Cutler [each gave him $5.00]. Wrote to the Saints of the Eastern Arizona Stake. Continued my journey to Logan and Franklin where I arrived at 3:00 P.M. (January 7) and was glad to find all well. I had been absent [enroute] from the 17 November till 7 January.

I should not have performed this mission in the cold winter, had not the cruel mob of Apache Coney commenced a terrible crusade against our people which resulted in the imprisonment of five of our brethren, three to Detroit, Michigan, and two to Yuma. I learned that many of our brethren left for Utah and New Mexico. Where the end will be, I cannot say.

I found my companion, Sylvia, much changed in her appearance and health. Clarey was still at home. Elizabeth Daines was at my place on a visit. L. L. Hatch was in Durham County, England on a mission. W. Daines was in West Virginia. I feel that my age is telling on me. My sympathies are wrought up to a wonderful degree, so many ties of kindred, sons and daughters grandchildren and affectionate wives clinging to me for counsel and consolation, I am led to exclaim, “O, God of Jacob, have mercy on thy servants and people.” I was received with joy by my companion, Sylvia.

On Thursday, the 8th, I went and fixed fence, chored around the place and on Friday, helped C1arey grind up the sausage meat. 3:00 P.M. Brother Bushman arrived at my place. We spent the day in pleasant conversation. Saturday, it snowed and I worked repairing the chicken house. [During the next few days, Lorenzo records the following activities.]

1885  in Cache Valley

Sunday, January 11

Went to meeting and spoke to the people. (Next day and the next) Worked around the barn and fixed mangers in the horse stall. Dreamed that I was called to assist Brother E. Snow in getting material for a building.

Wrote to Brother Savage and Cannon. Made some trestles and tried to teach Lorin to use a saw and plane. Snowed all day and night. Swept roads to the barn and did the chores. Went to meeting at night and spoke to the people. Fixed a place for the colt. Worked at Thomas Laws mortising bench legs. Put together a bench for the Relief Society. Wrote to Hezekiah and Hyrum. Heard Joshua Hawkes lecture on the Apostasy. Took some heifers to Spring Creek. Two meetings at Lewiston, spoke at both. Visited with Hyrum Karren and returned home. It was cold riding horseback. Worked in the shop three days. Wrote to J. N. Smith, Ruth Ricks, Nora Savage, Alvenia Smart, John and Heber A. Hatch. Worked at the bench and cleaned out the stable. Went to Oxford for conference, Thomas Smart took me. I spoke on the gospel to the Lamanites. After meeting, set apart Clarey Hatch as counselor to Sister Lucy Parkinson in the Primary.

Back home, on Monday, made a box for the lounge and moved the organ. Received letters from Levi Savage and Ruth H. At fast meeting, we blessed four children. I spoke on the necessity of keeping a record of the blessing of children. Worked at a sleigh. Tuesday and Wednesday also worked on a sleigh. Saturday, February 7, Hezekiah and wife came up and stayed all night. Thursday, came down to Logan with my sleigh and stopped with Hezekiah. Went to Hyde Park and made a door step for Celia. At meeting I spoke on the revelation given to President Taylor, 13 October, 1882.

February 20

I came again to the temple and received endowments for John Sumner Hatch and my sister Adeline received endowments for Charlotte Haight Hatch, who was sealed to my brother John Hatch by Joseph F. Smith. My brother John’s death is recorded in this book and his birth February 27, bought me a temple record.

March 11

Thomas Winn’s mother was Christiana Finch, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Baley Finch. Born at Goshen Township, New York and died at Lehi, thirty-one years ago. [Deleted one and one half pages of names for whom temple ordinances were performed.]

[At this point there are some four and a half pages of material deleted. This material is of temple work, which has been carefully tabulated in the temple records of the Hatch family. Some routine chores are interspersed with these temple entries.] I gave this week thirty-six patriarchal blessings.

General conference, 4, 5, 6, April 1885

Saturday, April 4

I attended conference, which was called to order by Apostle F. D. Richards (President of the Council of Twelve.) We had truly the word of the Lord. Sunday, 2:00 P.M., the authorities of the Church were sustained. Sacrament was administered. An epistle was read


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