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from President Taylor and G. Q. Cannon setting forth the necessity of good work and trusting in God. A committee was appointed to memorialize the President of the United States, Cleveland, to protect the eighty percent of the people as they had not taken wives in plural marriage. Said committee was so appointed by Franklin D. Richards. Adjourned until October 6. During this conference some five United States Marshalls were on the grounds with papers to arrest the brethren, but no arrests were made. Returned to Franklin and was glad to once more meet my dear companion, Clarey and Lorin, having been absent three weeks.

(Next week) Road over to Providence where I gave six blessings. April 30, came home and found Clarey quite sick. May 2, Clarey has been quite sick, having suffered much. Went to meet J. W. Taylor. Found him and company in town, with orders to hold a ratification meeting of protests that had been pointed out at the general conference, for the purpose of making the protests unanimous from (L.D.S.) people of the country. Called a meeting and after we got matters in proper shape, President J. W. Taylor made a most spirited address; and after the close of the meeting, came and administered to my daughter, Clarey. Dear son, H. E. Hatch, and wife had come from Logan. We had a pleasant visit with them and at 7:00 P.M. met again at the meeting house.

Thursday, May 7

Fasted and went to Logan where I received a pass on the D.R.G., Western Division. Bought some supplies for Clarey and returned back as far as Richmond. Stayed at Sister Pondes. I had my daughter Elizabeth with me. We had a most severe rain and wind storm. Went home on Friday and found Clarey much better. Saturday, I worked at the factory. [Many entries of work at factory.]

Plowed a fine furrow, planted some potatoes, got a fine shote from H. Karren and two pigs of John Wolfe. Plowed tithing lot. Went to Coveville. Read a prophesy given to Joseph Smith and also a revelation given to Brigham Young and John Taylor. May 20, started down to Hyde Park with buggy and horse and Clarey and Elizabeth. We got to Celia’s at 8:00 A.M. Came to Logan and went to the temple, then to Providence and gave four blessings. [More temple work on the Plumley line, his sister Adeline is mentioned constantly in this endeavor.] Traveled to Provo with President E. Snow where I attended conference and council meeting. Stayed at S. D. Thurman’s. Sunday, May 31, went to conference. Opened the meeting and talked with Apostle Lyman about trying to liberate the brethren from Detroit and at half past 12:00 o’clock left for the train. Judge Dusenbury accompanied me part way. I was prospered and arrived at Albuquerque on June 2. On the 3rd, Hyrum and Ezra with Catherine and Katie Clawson and my little Wilford arrived in Albuquerque. On Thursday the 4th, at half past 6:00, left for Pueblo. Traveled on the 4th to La Junta (Colorado). Reached

Pueblo on Friday and decided to go and visit Denver where we arrived at 4:00 P.M. Took a room.

Saturday, June 6

Ezra came after us. We spent the days visiting the business portion of the town. We went out on the street cars and visited Bishop Hawkins and Croft. Brother Croft went with me to the train where I left Ezra. Catherine and I with the little boy took the train for San Luis Valley, a distance of 164 miles. Rode all night, arrived on Sunday, got a rest and some dinner. Went to meeting at Richfield and spoke. Stopped at Brother Burtelson’s and on Monday, Brother Berteleson took me to Manassa, Colorado, where we found President Silas Smith. He had been up with his sick grandchild who had died. Stayed with Brother Benjamin Boyses. Tuesday, attended funeral for Brother John Smith’s little girl. Made such remarks as seemed best for the occasion. I gave two blessings to Brother Boyses’ wives. At 3:00 P.M., President Smith took us to La Jara where we took the train for Pueblo, Colorado, Wednesday noon. We had the pleasure of seeing Ezra arrive. Left for Ogden. Then we went from Ogden to Logan where we found H. E. Hatch and sister Adeline. Got Hezy’s horse and buggy and went to Hyde Park, where we found Celia. Took supper with my dear Elizabeth, Celia, Ezra, and Catherine. Left for Franklin. Elizabeth came along. Arrived at 12:00 noon. Found all well. June 14, attended Sunday School Union. I addressed the Union. Gave four blessings. Sylvia, Loren and Eliza, (on Tuesday) with myself went to Hyde Park where we met Catherine. Wednesday, went to Providence where I gave three blessings and a comforting blessing. Returned to Logan and stayed with Sister Thatcher. Thursday, went to photograph gallery and got liknesses for Sylvia and Loren. Bought $2.00 worth of strawberries and returned to Hyde Park. Thursday, June 25, I went with Ezra and helped him water on Dixey Bench. Saturday, I hitched up a team and put up some oats for to take to the store. Stopped because of a pain in my back. After some rest, I took my oats to Brother Webster’s and he gave me $1.00 per hundred then I went to Dixey Bench and helped Ezra do some watering.

Saturday evening, Hezey and his wife came up. Tuesday, 30, I went to the temple and was baptized for eighteen persons, Catherine for fourteen. Wednesday, went to the temple. Took Mother Karren and Catherine up to work. Saturday, July 4, made a work bench and H. E. took me to Hyde Park. Georgia went with us and we had a social and agreeable time.

Sunday, July 5

I gave four blessings to Bishop Daines family. Brother George Barber came after me. I went with him, also Catherine and Wilford, to his ranch where we got dinner and then went to meeting at Smithfield. Heard F. A. Brown’s famous speech before the District Court; after which, I spoke on the office of the Holy Spirit. We had


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