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a good time. Went out again to the ranch. Hyrum Karren and his wife were there. His horses ran off. Brother B. sent his son Frank to take us to Franklin. We met Brother Karren’s boys with the horses. His family went on to Lewiston. Frank took me on to Franklin. Found all in bed but Clara.

May, 6th

I helped Ezra plow out potatoes and got water onto the lots. Wednesday and Thursday, worked in the garden. Friday, I wrote to Apostle E. Snow and Hyrum Hatch in which I promised to meet him, 1 August, the Lord willing.

Saturday, 11th

Worked very hard, made some ______ for Annie Hatch and put in some beets for Ezra. Clara went to Hyde Park to see Catherine. Sunday, I recorded three blessings. Went to Church. S.C. Parkinson spoke on the Book Mormon and Ezra returned at 8:00 P.M.

Monday, 13th

I worked in the garden preparing to go south. Wednesday, made out to work some in the shop. Thursday, I made Annie Hatch a door and got some wagon timber to repair wagon for Annie. Friday, received several letters. Ezra and I did $4.00 work for Annie repairing wagon.

Left for Arizona

Saturday, July 18, 1885

I left for Arizona.

JOURNAL IX 1890-1900

[The original is written in ink into a book about 12 x 8 x 1 inches. It has a cloth binding, grey in color with red leather colors. Now on file in Church Historian’s Office.]

August 3, 1890

I got this book of Joseph Fish at Holbrook. My journal for two or four years will be found which has some of the ordinances of the City of Franklin. The last is on page 244.

As per Journal: I battled with the brethren from the 21st of July till the close of the month on the Woodruff Dam, hauling brush and dirt to stop the leaks. We had a big job on our hands as the loss of filling was near 500 yards besides what had previously washed out. By diligence we stopped or rather filled in a large amount of Shelly rock and dirt with weeds till August 3, when the floods stopped our work. The water came into our ditches and all hands were privileged to water our lots.

Sunday, 3rd

We had a meeting and a good attendance. I had to look after the water. Our water master on ditch #4 was a very covetous man and determined that each man should water but two acres at a time. I plead for him to let my neighbors finish their patches so that they could make

a good job and said I would wait till all were finished. Then one man threatened to burn me for using the waste water. May heaven pardon such unkindness or lack of manhood.

Saturday, August 8

I learned that President Woodruff would be at Albuquerque. Brother Joseph Fish took the telegram from Holbrook to Snowflake to President Jesse N. Smith. Took my carriage and in company of Brother Reidhead, his wife and Alice [Alice and family are now living in Woodruff and Catherine has gone to Franklin, where she and family remained for a few years.] left for Pine Dale Ward conference. Brother Reidhead stopped at Snowflake and I traveled on with Brother Kartchner. Arrived at 11:00 P.M. tired and weary. Stopped at Father Cheney’s. Sister Cheney made us a good bed.

Sunday, I found myself in one of the most blessed and choicest fields of corn, cane, beans, squash with barns full of grain. They surpassed my most sanguine hopes. The good Father has greatly blessed the forest this year.

At 10:00 A.M., we were happy to listen to President Smith. Discourse should have been reported but we had no reporter. Went to Brother Decker’s, a distance of twelve miles and visited with Brother James Lewis, He has two of his sons with him and a barn full of wheat, fifteen acres of fine corn. Has a thresher, mower, rake and every thing to make home happy. Monday, we visited Fanny Standifird who had come to the forest to secure a home for herself and children. God bless her efforts. We went to the Bishop’s and bought some butter. Returned to Taylor. Left Alice with our daughter Nettie [married to James J. Shumway] at Taylor. Got my team that Willard had been working, loaded up my old horse-rake and proceded to Snowflake. President Smith and wife Janet joined me, and we went to Woodruff. He took the mail (buckboard) and went to Holbrook and on the next day went on to Albuquerque to meet President Wilford Woodruff, George Q. Cannon, Joseph F. Smith and several other leading brethren. A meeting of great importance was held and the Presidency went on to Colorado for conference.

We were disappointed. We hoped to get a visit from the brethren. Did much work watering and plowing during the four days alotted to me. Took Willard’s wagon home to Taylor, trailing the buggy behind. Went over to my son’s house, John and Willard’s too, but found them gone. Met Jane [John’s wife] and two children. Took them home or over to the cornfield to get some corn. Found stock in the corn. Drove them out.

Sunday, August 17

President Smith gave a full and complete report of his visit to Albuquerque and tended by proxy the blessings of President Woodruff to the Saints of Taylor in which we all rejoiced. Stayed with Sister Emy Smith in Snowflake on Sunday night. She gave us a good bed and on Monday, President Smith gave me some political


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