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ideas for future action that peradventure we might advert the desperate blow aimed at our destruction.

After a short visit with my daughters, Nora and Addie [Savage], I journeyed home with Alice. Our cows had stayed out and all was confusion and bustle with the work of putting in twenty-two acres of corn, oats and lucern. On Saturday, the 23rd, I watered lucern and leveled more land for lucern; and thus, I had accomplished much in my way of thinking.

Sunday, 24th

Wrote five letters and two pages of journal and finished with the water. I should state that I got a two year old colt from Brother Decker to hunt the cows on. The boys are after me all the time to ride the colt. Clark Owens and Homer Bushman spoke at meeting today, I occupied a short time. Monday, Burt loaded freight for Fort Apache, Brother Decker also. Took eighty-four dollars to buy some condemned mules. Sold some lucern seed. Lucern killed out some. Fixed up my little wagon and put it in for a trade. I shod the horse and went horseback to Apache to attend the sale of mules. Returning I stopped at Snowflake and fixed a wagon bed for Joseph W. Smith. Attended High Priest’s meeting and got my things loaded up by dark. President Smith and I rode with Joseph to Woodruff where we arrived at 1:00 A.M. Sunday morning.

Monday, September 1

Commenced arranging my business for the conference. During the week, I fitted up my old horse rake and on Friday, myself and Sister Hatch [Alice] went to Snowflake with President Joseph Richards [other counselor in the Stake Presidency] and his wife Anniebell. Arrived at 2:00 P.M. and convened the High Council. We labored to get the people to be consistent in politics. After council, we went to Taylor and stayed with Jane. She did all she could for our comfort. On Saturday we went to the Young Ladies and Primary conferences, which were well attended. Went back to Taylor where we met the freight teams. Willard helped me load up the old mower and tool box and on Sunday we convened for our stake conference at Snowflake. The word of wisdom was spoken of by myself of a young man, a Seventy with a cigar in his mouth who neglected his meetings and told of my vision which showed that he had broken his covenants. Showed that if he did not tend to his duties he would die spiritually as sure as I would die temporally if I stayed away from my meals because someone did not want me to eat.

At 7:00 P.M. held Priesthood meeting. I occupied some of the time and explained our political position. Monday, we met at 10:00 A.M. I was speaking on the principles of the gospel and at the close, the mighty power of God came upon me and I was able to see much of the future. By the power of my holy calling [Patriarch] blessed the people and this desert land, promised orchards and vineyards.

We made arrangements to go to Tuba Ward [on the Moen-Kopy Wash in. Coconino County]. Returned to Woodruff. President Richards sold me a black, seven year old mare for $65.00. Wrote to W. C. Spence about railroad rates. Burt and William Cross started for Apache with freight. Lulu (daughter) went with Clarence Owens to Taylor to work for Nettie. I went with Brother and Sister Reidhead up to Six Mile for grapes. We got a lot of grapes (wild) and found the cows that had been out for three milkings.

Sunday, September 14

Helped Alice fix the fruit and we went to Church. George Bela Gardner and I spoke. Monday, went for grapes and got over a hundred pounds. Coming home, ran a tire off the wheel. However, we got it fixed all right and when we got home found that Brother Smith had arrived. On Tuesday, filled up the carriage. Alice accompanying me, and started for Tuba. The roads were bad and we found lots of mud. Our animals got very tired. Our company consisted of President J. N. Smith, Smith D. Rogers, Joseph Richards, L. H. Hatch, Emmy L. Smith, Alice Hatch, Phoebe and Annie Kartchner, Nellie Hunt and Bathsheba Smith. Wednesday, [the third night out] we were fairly well started. Next night, we camped in a grove of cottonwoods on the Little Colorado. Friday, we got to the river, crossed and left the river traveling forty miles. Camped. Saturday, we traveled late and camped about twelve miles from Tuba. Sunday, we started on before breakfast and arrived at Bishop David Brinkerhoff’s at 8:00 A.M. We had some rain and bad roads most of the way. Sunday, broke a spring on my buggy, but got it fixed and arrived safely.

We were kindly cared for and went to meeting at 10:00 A.M. Two meetings on Sunday and truly the good spirit was poured out upon us. Monday, Brother Rogers and the Sisters held their meetings. Sister Hatch [Alice] was sick and had to leave the meeting. On Tuesday, the girls went to Moen-Kopy and broke down their carriage. President Smith and I attended a meeting with a view to settle some difficulty with Brother Lot Smith and two of the brethren who had jumped some of Brother Lot’s land. Brother Lot acted with some dignity and did a good part in the way of dealing liberally.

We were well cared for; had melons, peaches, grapes, also honey. After we got the girl’s carriage fixed, we started for home. Went a distance of seven miles and held a meeting at Brother J. Foutz’s. Had a splendid time. Brother Lot Smith and Bishop Brinkerhoff came with us. On Wednesday, President Smith broke one of his springs and we fixed it up as good as we could. Brother Lot gave me a fine pony. His name was Ben. Got on our way at 12:00 noon. Brother Lot and Brother Foutz went with us for a mile. We parted and felt that the Lord had been good and that our efforts had done much good. Stopped a while at Winslow and got to St. Joseph at 5:00 P.M. on Saturday. Our journey was a pleasant one, returning.


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