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Sunday, September 28

We held three meetings at St. Joseph. Truly had a pleasant time. Tuesday, had breakfast at Brother Peterson’s, blessed him and went home. Stopped at Holbrook and got me a seventeen dollar harness. Found Burt and William Cross well. They had broken one of my wagons. Tuesday, plowed some in the late corn and finished it on Wednesday. Repaired wagon by lamplight. Lula came home, Burt and W Cross went to Holbrook for freight. Thursday, worked in the blacksmith shop most of day. Willard came from Taylor and brought me two sacks of wheat.

Wednesday, October 1

Brother Charles Flake went to conference in Salt Lake to represent the Stake. Father Shumway and family have moved back to Taylor. October 5 to 11, all week, I cut hay. On Sunday the 12th, Brother Reidhead and myself and Alice, she having traveled from Taylor this week, went to St. Joseph and held meeting there. Returned on Monday.

Wednesday, Rocky Fello (my hired man) and I went to St. Joseph to Bishop Owens’ molasses mill. We were two days repairing and getting the mill to grinding.

Saturday, 18th

President Richards and I left St. Joseph and I went to Snowflake to hold ward conference. Had a good time. Stopped with President Smith. Monday, returned to St. Joseph and worked boiling molasses for one-fifth share. Worked till Saturday.

Saturday, November 1

Started for home. Took the left hand road east of Brother H. Tanner’s expecting to avoid a bad hollow. After traveling some eight miles returned to Brother Henry Tanner’s tired and worn out. We had been up for five days at 2:00 A.M. and worked till 9:00 P.M. Rested here till morning. Sunday the 2nd, got to Woodruff at 3:00 P.M. and found Alice alone. Burt had gone to Taylor. Next day, Rocky bored postholes and I attended election and worked on my wagon. Burt got home at 7:00 P.M.

November 6

It rained very hard all day and in the upper country, rained for three days. A great flood was looked for. It came. We were planned to go to Taylor to Ward conference. On the 8th, whilst I was turning stock out of my oats, that had been turned in by my neighbors, a feeling of great distress came over me. Whilst in this state of mind, word came that the dam on which we had bestowed our labors had been hurled into an awful abyss. Our hopes were gone and I was in sorrow for a poor unworthy people. Counsel had been spurned or neglected.

Saturday, 8th

The dam went out for the sixth time on this day. I rallied my former energies and went to the shop of J. C. Owens. I got Alice in the wagon and with a balky team started to fill my mission to ward conference at Taylor. (In the meantime, I had made arrangements to enclose all my land with a fence. On the day the dam went out Rocky and Burt finished setting the posts. But one of the balky horses refused to go so I got a mare from my son-in-law, Clarence Owens, and drove out of this gloomy town at half past 2:00 P.M. on the same day. I was the only team that had traveled the road since the heavy rain. Mail from Holbrook had not been able to come through. We met the mail from Apache and learned that the river was high at Snowflake. When we arrived at the old crossing of the Silver Creek, I found that it had washed full of quick sand. We followed down the creek to near James Flake’s. It was most dark. I could not see the place to come out as I drove into the turbulent stream. It nearly swam the horses but we came out safely. I praised the Lord for his mercies to us.

We then followed along the slough or wash. Had two large streams to cross in getting back to the old road. ‘Twas quite dark but I knew the road when we got to it and felt content. We drove to Delly Webb’s and found that Lula had gone to Taylor. Drove to Levi Savage’s and Alice went to stay with my daughters Norey and Adeline. Went to President Smith’s. Got some supper and went back to sleep on Addie’s bed.

Sunday, November 9

Went to conference. Was warmly greeted by Bishop Taylor. The river at this place was very difficult to cross but we had a splendid conference. Elder L. M. Savage was first speaker. I followed. Took dinner at Shumway’s, my daughter Nettie’s home. Took Nettie and Alice to the 3:00 o’clock meeting. Spent the evening with Bishop Willis. We held a council with the bishop about calling missionaries to teach our children the principles of the holy gospel.

Monday, 10th

I went to my son John’s and loaded up thirteen wash tubs of soft corn and spread out seven loads of corn fodder and gave four blessings to Bishop Willis’ family. Stayed at James [and Nettie] Shumway’s all night.

Tuesday, 11th

I and Alice returned to Woodruff. Burt and Abbie started for St. George [to go to the temple] on this date. We made arrangements to get my son Heber Albert Hatch on to St. George on Friday, November 6. He was married to Abigail Ann Webb according to the law of the land at Bishop Webb’s home in Woodruff on the sixth. We had a pleasant time.

When we (Alice and I) got back to Woodruff we found Rocky keeping house. On Thursday, Rocky and I put up two wires partly around my field. It was very wet and difficult getting around. Friday, Rocky went to Holbrook and bought him a saddle. At night I wrote a


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