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letter to President Woodruff asking him about help to rebuild the dam. Received answer from President J. F. Smith of the Twelve on the 22nd.

November 15

Received telegram from H. E. Hatch (son) of the death of George Barber (husband of my sister Adeline). He died at Diaz, Old Mexico. Brigham Duffin furnished me with a poor Indian pony to work with my horse, Ben. I let him have my little wagon to take his family to conference at Taylor. Alice, Ella and Bert Dustin and I got to Snowflake at half past noon and the pony was tired out. Got a horse of President Smith and he accompanied us to Taylor. Drove right to James Shumway’s where Alice got out and then we went to meeting of the High Council. President J. N. Smith presided and I presented the “Church Schools” and asked the cooperation of the High Council in getting a school in each ward. We also talked about filling our reservoirs and appointing a general water master.

Saturday, A.M.

Primary conference convened. Sister Lottie Walker was present and Annie Kartchner as well as Sister Emma Smith, President of Stake Relief Society. The exercises were of a most interesting character. Relief Society conference convened in P.M. Sister Smith and her counselors were there and took charge. President Smith spoke at the Primary and I spoke at the Relief Society.

Sunday, 30th

Met in conference. Many good remarks and much of the good spirit was with us. Tuesday, the 2nd, with seventy others attended reunion for President Smith’s 56th birthday. It was suggested by the still small voice that I give him a patriarchal blessing. We went over to Sister Janett’s [President Smith’s wife] and the Lord spoke comforting words unto Brother Smith through his Servant L. H. Hatch. We went again to the assembly. Had a most agreeable and bounteous dinner and program of the forenoon was continued with many cheering exercises.

Recitations, dialogues, songs and a theater (play) representing William Smith and mother Carrington endeavoring to dishearten Mother Smith [mother of J. N. Smith] and her two small boys, Silas and Jesse N. from going to the Valley of Deseret. Truly all parts were well arranged and conducted in a most masterly manner by the committee: Joseph W. Smith, Emma S. Decker, Josephine Hulet and Adelaide S. Fish. All of whom took parts. They gave high praise to each other and bore testimony of the great law of celestial marriage. Sons, daughters, and grandchildren gave great praise to their father, President Smith. At 10:00 P.M. the blessing I had given to Brother Jesse N. was called for and read by Joseph Fish [son-in-law to President Smith.]

We closed at 11:00 P.M. one of the most noted reunions of this generation. There have been born to Brother Jesse N. Smith, thirty-five children, alive but two. The

word of wisdom has been observed by his family and of Jesse N. Smith, I will add my testimony that he is one of the great men of this age. He has spent six years in the Scandinavian Mission, speaks the Danish language with ease and fluency, received it by gift. He weighs near 200 pounds and truly is a warm and trusted friend. Many tears of profound joy and gratitude were shed. Four Bishops spoke in high terms of the worth of the family. I and Sister Hatch [Alice] stayed at Hulett’s all night.

Wednesday, December 3

Gave a blessing to Sister Silver. I bought a four year old horse of Joseph Fish; returned to Taylor and shucked out corn at John’s place. Next day went to Fast Meeting and started home. We drove to Snowflake and stopped at L. M. Savage’s. Little Parley was quite sick. Friday, I bought ten cwt. of baled hay. Loaded five cwt. on John’s team and five on Frank Webb’s. Alice and Ella rode with me in the hack to Woodruff where we arrived at 4:00 P.M. having been gone one week.

Sunday, 7th

I signed a letter with J. C. Owens and James Deans written to the railroad to ask them to remit $1,500.00 which is still due them for this land bought from the railroad by J. N. Smith for us, reminding them of the loss of our dam. I wrote a full, detailed account of this settlement and values of the property at Woodruff to the First Presidency. Attended meeting. John Reidhead was called to teach the church school in this ward by Bishop Webb. I am struggling to keep things level in this place. May heaven inspire me in my high calling and heal my sick grandchildren and Alice. I plead with my Heavenly Father that I may be truly inspired from on high.

Hauled wood and got two loads of coal from Holbrook for Brother J. C. Owens’ blacksmith shop. Plowed some.

Organized School of Theology at Woodruff

December 13

I organized a School of Theology at Woodruff and got up some rules for their guidance. Got a large enrollment of the smaller children. Elders Dexter and Lock gave such instructions as seemed appropriate. Elder John Reidhead was appointed to teach on Sunday last.

Sunday, December 21

Ward conference at Showlow Ward. (Bad roads and difficult traveling.) I spoke and organized a school for theology. Sisters Mary Turley and Jane Huff were set apart as teachers and blessed for the work. Returned by the mill and got my grist, also ten cwt. of baled hay. Drove two span of horses home on Wednesday, the 24th. Found Lulu and Alice well.


Thursday was Christmas and we had a good supper, having killed a chicken. I wrote to my son, L. L. Hatch


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