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as it was his birthday. Trip was very sick. I was sorry for the poor dog because of his faithfulness. We placed the likenesses of Joseph and Hyrum Smith in frames that I have made and have passed a quiet Christmas day. One year since I was last in Utah.

Saturday, 27th

I attended the Church School. On Sunday, the 28th, President Smith was with us. He condemned the killing of Sitting Bull. Brothers Stratton and Willis organized the elders and set Clarence Owens apart to preside with Albert Hatch (Burt) to act as secretary. It was decided that on the following Tuesday we would try to get at some plan to rebuild the dam.

And again—the Woodruff Dam!

December 30

President Smith met with us and we appointed a committee to receive bids and raise moneys for the dam. Committee was: Clark Owens, L. H. Hatch and James Deans.

January 1, 1891

New Years. Fast day. A few brethren came together and we had a good time at fast meeting.

January 4’

My sixty-fifth birthday. This day was Sunday and we had several speakers. Monday, we got two plans for construction of the dam. Brother Frost submitted one and Theodore Farley the other. I worked at the bench. Saturday, President Smith with Brothers Freeman and Minnerly came down. We attended the church school. At 5:00 P.M. they met with our committee, and we examined a plan for the dam submitted by Brother Deans. It was the best that had been presented. Frost’s plan would cost about eleven thousand dollars and Farley’s would cost over seven thousand, while Deans’ about five thousand. Deans and J. C. Owens offered to go right to work on the job. We deferred the matter for a council next day.

Sunday, 11th

2:00 P.M. went to Bishop Webb’s and held a council. The Bishop would not consent to let the contract on any plan and wanted to put the matter off. I felt very much exercised about this and stated to President Smith and Richards in strong terms that if we were going to defer longer the building of a dam, I would move and advise the people of Woodruff to scatter out where they could make a living.

It was decided that we would talk the mater over with the people and see if the people were in earnest about the dam. We went into ward conference and President Smith laid the matter before the people. “Your lucern, your trees will dry and your homes go down.” Brother Richards spoke and Brother Rogers preached on union. At noon President Smith met with committee and left us to make our own plan of action. I told Brothers Owens

and Deans that if they would stand by me we would get a plan that would be accepted by the people.

We then went into Ward conference and sustained our ward officers. Brothers Freeman, Minnerly and Rogers spoke. Brother Minnerly was much interested for the people. Conference was concluded. Monday, the Deans’ plan was adopted and Brother Minnerly concluded to act as superintendent and work for the people. We engaged him if the people would sustain us. At 6:00 P.M. we met and were unanimous in adopting the plan and authorized the committee to notify Brother Minnerly of the action. Tuesday, we notified him and I got Burt Porter to donate a beef.

It was January 6th that Burt and Abbie came home from the St. George Temple. Brother Deans and myself found ourselves very busy writing letters to obtain some means to go on with the dam. Brother Deans wrote up two petitions, one to the County Board and one to the State Legislature. I circulated it for signers. Went to St. Johns and Erastus. [He stopped at several places and gave nine patriarchal blessings. Was gone from home from January 25 to the 30th. Alice went with him. It was heavy winter weather and was snowing much of the time.] I believe my trip will be of much benefit to the Saints of Woodruff.

Saturday, 31st

Went with Sister Hatch [Alice] to St. Joseph. On Sunday, held a conference and had a good time. I was alone as far as missionaries were concerned. Monday, I got some corn from the tithing office and shelled it out, 806 pounds of ears. Also got some potatoes from Brother Tanner to take to Woodruff. On the way ran into a deep wash and broke a wheel. Got home much disheartened as Sister Hatch and I had to ride the horses home and left the wagon. Tuesday, Burt and I went and got the wagon and load and hauled it in. Next day I worked on the wheel in Brother Owens’ blacksmith shop and he worked for me also at blacksmithing.

Thursday, February 5

Went to Taylor. It was fast day and after meeting we went to Bishop John H. Standifird’s house and I married Ezra Taft Hatch and Mariah Standifird at half past 4:00 P.M. February 12. Received a telegram from Hezekiah E. Hatch that they had lost their babe [Hanna]. Worked two weeks on wagons.

February 22

Went to Pine Dale with President Smith and Ninian Miller. There had been terrible floods for two weeks and the roads were near impassable. We arrived in sight of the Bishop’s house when in crossing the wash, both horses got into the quicksand and fell down. We had to cut one tug. President Smith and Brother Miller held the horses heads out of the water while I went for Brother Lewis’ boys, John and Charley, with a team. The Bishop came with a spade and ropes. With much difficulty got the other horse and carriage out. Slept at


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