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Lewis’. Got dinner and supper.

Sunday, went to school house and held ward conference. Stayed all night with Bishop Peterson and it snowed all night. Monday, continued heavy snow and rain. The wash came up so high that we dared not cross. Stayed all day. At Taylor got my team and went to grist mill. Water was so high that I could not go on. Worked in blacksmith shop till Friday. Attended High Council at Snowflake on Saturday. It was Stake Conference on Sunday and Monday. Water meeting at Taylor on Tuesday.

March 6

It snowed all day. Five inches at Taylor and ten at Woodruff. Had Burt’s wagon all filled up ready to go home but it snowed so hard that I was obliged to stay over again. Went on Saturday. On the road from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. It was beautiful overhead but so much mud and snow that I had to get an extra horse to help us along. I walked most of the way, and mother with Lulu walked five miles. Got home and found Abbie [Burt’s wife] sick.

During this storm Brother L. M. Savage, his wife Addie and two of Brother Smith’s girls stayed at my house because he had come to Woodruff to hold a meeting and when he got there the water was so high that he could not get across to go home. [He was living in Snowflake.]

Sunday, 8th

Went to Sunday School and meeting. Brother Homer Bushman and Dexter (missionaries from St. Joseph) occupied the time. I gave Sister Sariah Bushman a blessing. During the week, went to Holbrook and on to St. Joseph and stopped at Brother Richards. We planned to go to the Tuba Ward, but the boys coming in late off the road said that their team could hardly travel for the mud which stuck to their wheels. It was considered unsafe to go. I was very tired so went to bed and had a good sleep. Returning, I found at Holbrook that the flood water was cutting into the edge of the town. One thousand sacks of sand piled in with cottonwood trees were placed in the river to stop the cutting. Some excitement was manifested. I asked Brother Fish to write Bishop Brinkerhoff at Tuba and tell him why we did not come. Leaving Holbrook on horseback, my horse got frightened and ran away and I narrowly escaped an oncoming train. I praise the Lord for his care. Arrived home at sundown.

Wednesday, 11th

I set out some turnips, straightened the yards and felt that the grip had commenced on me. I was sick abed on Friday and Saturday. Sunday, was some better, but a poor subdued melancholy weighed me down. Slept much of the day but severe cramps disturbed the rest. Burt and wife left on Saturday for St. Johns to get some flour that belonged to him and me. I got $30.00 from Brother Fish and sent the same to Snowflake to

get hay. Saturday morning, I painted my little wagon and dragged myself into submission with a feeling that I had ought to plant some onions. I did. But the afternoon found me quite low, weak and disgusted. Sister Reidhead brought me some butter and I was refreshed and rested some.

GOOD NEWS--$1,500 appropriation for dam

Sunday, 22nd

I went and administered to Brother Dexter’s little girl with John Tyler. I got George to go on Ben after the cow and I milked her, finished reading the Deseret News and lay down to rest. During the week we were delighted to learn that my great exertion to help the people of Woodruff appeal to the Legislature for help had been rewarded. An appropriation of $1,500.00 had been made for this purpose. [To assist in rebuilding the dam] I here record my gratitude to my Heavenly Father for giving me. His holy spirit to enlighten my mind and in suggesting to me to get these petitions. My health has improved some during the week.

Monday, 30th

Brother Owens appointed to take charge of work on the dam until Brother Minnerly could arrive. President Smith instructed us to make a good and permanent job of it as it would be impossible to get any more help from anybody if we made a failure this time. I sent my team for timber for the dam. Burt drove it. I worked in Blacksmith shop on tools for the dam. Thursday, we held fast meeting and had a good time. March 6, I came from St. Joseph with a load of corn, 802 pounds. Also brought 140 pounds of tithing potatoes. The corn was charged to me. Met a man by the name of James Smith going to Holbrook. I hired him to work on the dam. He commenced on Tuesday, April 7. This was a very windy day. I worked in the shop making pins for the dam. We hired four men to work on dam, three Mexicans and one Irishman. Administered to several sick people on Saturday and went to the gristmill.

Sunday, 12th

(At Snowflake) Administered to Walter Smith. He had received a very bad injury while unloading logs. Gave some blessings. Went to meeting. Administered to Sister Minnerly and then gave six blessings. Slept at my daughter Nora’s, got the grist, had breakfast with daughter Nettie, gave an order to the Taylor co-op for $23.12, planted some garden, got some hay of Sister Cardon and came home to Woodruff on Tuesday. I left $12.00 with Delly Webb to buy hay.

Wednesday, 15th

Haman West broke a blood vessel and died very suddenly. I helped make the coffin. We buried him on Thursday. Burt and Ezra returned with the timber on Friday. Spoke with Mr. Blasingame about getting the money appropriated for the dam. James Deans was appointed to act as agent to expend the appropriation


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