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and $1,500.00 in warrants was deposited with the A.C.M.I. Talked of a bridge to cross the river near the dam. Abbie and Burt moved to a house in the fort and I went for a barrel of water. I received an order from Bishop Preston for $300.00 on this stake in produce and a letter from my daughters in Old Mexico. Chloe has a new boy, ten weeks old. Holy Father of heaven and earth, bless the parents and give them success. Bless dear daughter Elizabeth and preserve her with her next child. [Went to the forest to get timber for the dam.]

Monday, April 27

Several of the young men of Pine Dale came and helped us load my wagon with logs that Willard had cut before he went on his mission. Ezra T. and Albert arrived with their wives, and we loaded up their two wagons. Then I got a load of house logs that Jacob Brewer donated for the dam. Left my load at Brother Brewers’ while I went to Brother John Fish’s and gave him and his wife their patriarchal blessings. (Stayed all night.) Arose at 5:00 A.M. Got a dollars worth of butter of Lars Peterson and six dozen eggs of George Brian. Got to Taylor with the boys just ahead of me. Got dinner with Ezra and drove to Snowflake. Saw Norey and Addie. Drove home to Woodruff. Overtook Ezra and Burt and we all unloaded our timber, got our credit on the dam and turned our teams into the lots. Next day, I hauled water for the men to drink as they worked on the dam.

Friday, May 1

The Young Ladies got a dinner for all the dam men and most of the town.

Sunday, 10th

Attended ward conference. President Smith and President Richards were with us. Brothers Savage and Rogers were home missionaries and were the first speakers. I quoted from the revelations that contention is not of the Lord and spoke of the devil contending for the body of Moses, etc. Brother Freeman gave a quarter of beef for the dam. Went to Brother Savage’s new house and stayed with him and sent the beef down by Brother Kartchner. Next day gave blessings to Emmy Smith and Allen Frost. After dinner, rode to Woodruff and found that my cow with her calf had run off. On this day, two Mexicans (workers on the dam) came to board with me. Work progressed fine on the dam. (More talk of a bridge to cross river near the dam.) May 24 and 25, I hauled 4000 pounds of supplies for the dam. [Possibly from Holbrook]

Sunday, 31st

Attended sake conference and stayed at Nora’s. [in Snowflake] Young folks were instructed to counsel with their parents before making love to marriage. Tuesday, I gave two blessings, one to Sister Agusta Smith and one to her daughter, Bathsheba. President Smith wrote for me. I blessed four of Brother Joseph W. Smith’s family. Alice and Nettie left with me for Woodruff.

Thursday, June 4

Fast day. Fasted and. worked on dam in afternoon. Friday and Saturday, worked on dam while teams hauled coarse clay for three days. We worked hard to tighten up leaks for the water was lowering fast. Looked as though we would not get any out unless a flood came down. Continued on the dam.

Sunday, 21st

Wrote a letter to Brother Gibbons and Bishop Farr of St. Johns asking them to turn down some water to help us fill out reservoir. Joseph Lillywhite went with the letter. We were refused. We gave up hope of getting water for lucern and trees this season, hoping that it might rain yet and fill our reservoir. Brother George Lambert and son arrived from Utah and went to Snowflake. Stopped at Levi Savage’s. They were getting subscriptions for the Deseret News.

Sunday, 28th

[Went to Showlow for ward conference.] Held our conference in father Whipple’s block house. It was filled. The Bishop was so anxious that he wanted another meeting at night. This was granted, and we had three long meetings. I trust that some good was done. Returned to Taylor and hoed in the garden. Helped John fit up a stove and room and on Thursday, 2 July, went to fast meeting. There were three men: Bishop Standifird, W. H. Solomon and L. H. Hatch, five sisters and five or six boys at the meeting. We had a good meeting.

Friday, July 3

Burt returned from Apache with lumber. I took the team and he took the pony. We went to Woodruff driving two cows and their calves. As I started out the trail, the wagon came apart, bed and hind wheels staying in the Taylor ditch. Sister Hatch and I unloaded the wagon, which was loaded with shingles. Then George Standifird helped me get it coupled and trailed onto the big wagon and again we started. Got hay at Bishop Hunt’s and there the rain came down in torrents for nearly an hour. When it slackened we drove on and camped at Six Mile with Frank and Milo Webb. These boys took and watered my team. We laid down till 4:00 A.M. and arrived home at 8:00 A.M. July 4. Had been gone one week and one day. My cucumbers were all dead for want of water. I hauled one barrel of water, then dressed and took my part of Orator of the day at our celebration, which commenced at 9:00 A.M.

We had good music, good speeches, good songs and were very devoted to our country. Many amusements were indulged in. Father Guldbranson and myself ran a race for a picture of the Woodruff Dam. I said we came out even but he got the prize. All were jubilant to see me beaten.

Sunday, July 5

Bishop Webb got us all together and it was voted to start the dam records out anew. That is, all the credit


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