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that had been piled up would be forgotten and every one commenced with new assessments, according to number of acres in his place, for keeping and finishing the dam—making ditches, etc. This meant a donation of much money for two or three of us who had been on the job continuously. Over two thousand dollars on my part and as much by Brother J. C. Owens, perhaps that much by Brothers Deans and Guldbranson as well as some by the Bishop. This was all to be cancelled. I consented to do this thinking that it would unite the people. Now I with others am working on another assessment. I am now sixty-five years old and as things are going I fear that I might have to abandon the work [before completion.] I continued work until Friday, 10 July, when I hired Will Cross to go on the dam for me.

Saturday, 11th

Our ward conference began. L. M. Savage and several of the sisters came down from Snowflake. President Smith and Richards were also with us. We heard minutes and reports of the finance committee on the dam. Sustained the authorities. President Smith gave advice on the dam. L. M. Savage occupied the Sunday morning hour. 4:00 P.M., adjourned to meet six months from date.

President Richards pulled two teeth for Lula. One was knocked out by the slipping of the instruments. President Smith pulled one and got the wrong tooth. So Lula lost three teeth because one was aching. We all sympathized with her in this great loss and the bitter pain she endured. Burt had the grip. President Smith and Aunt Emma stayed all night with us, and I got up at 4:00 the next morning to put up some molasses and potatoes for them and L. M. Savage who returned to Snowflake.

July 15

Nettie came down from Taylor. Burt brought James Shumway (her husband) up from Holbrook where he had been gone for four months on a survey trip. On the 16th, N. Johnson and family went to Utah. On the 17th, I hauled water to trees in a barrel. July 18, Fasted for my daughter Adeline Savage. The Lord gave her a daughter, born on July 10th. [Name: Ruth Naomi]

July 24

I and Alice went up to Wild Cat Canyon and attended the celebration. A large crowd of us went up on the evening of the 23rd, and stayed al1 night. We had a good time. Brother Dexter gave an account of the travels of the Saints. It has been forty-four years since the Saints arrived in Salt Lake. Had dinner and returned. No rain to speak of up to this date.

Sunday, 26th

Had quite a raise in the river at 5:00 P.M. but not enough to bring the water into the ditch. I was up at 2:00 A.M. but found still no water in the ditch. We worked all this day trying to stop a leak. It rained a little

during the day.

Friday, 31st

Hauled gravel for tightening dam with my team. Guy Gardner drove my other team and at 8:00 P.M. I had the water on my lot. Stayed with it for two hours, rested one. On Saturday, August 1, found me wet and muddy. Burt came and I laid down for an hour and then worked on with him till 1:00 P.M. when President Smith, his wife, Agusta, son Ashael and little daughter arrived. They stopped and got dinner and I went on with them to attend ward conference at St. Joseph. I was quite worn out but managed to go to meetings. After supper, gave a blessing to John Miller. Had supper at Bishop Bushman’s. We had music and singing in the evening. I was sung to sleep. On the 31st of July, I got a letter from Patriarch George Brimhall of Spanish Fork.

August 6

Planted turnips, but water was low in the reservoir and for two days could not get it on lot. I was much exercised over the forlorn condition. Wrote a letter to Brother Reidhead and we got a beef of B. Porter and dealt it out to the men [working on the dam.]

Wednesday, 12th

A good stream came into our ditches. Guldbranson, Lillywhite, Reidhead and Deans watered most of their lucern. On Thursday, still some water but it began to fail.

August 13

My dear companion, Alice, was taken sick, cramping and vomiting. Friday, still very sick. I made pins for the dam and hauled stuff to tighten it. Brother Dexter worked with me. Lula was in Taylor. She came home Saturday. Alice still no better. We have administered to her. I hauled three loads of weeds to the dam; had some little boys to help me. I suffered much with rheumatism in my left shoulder. At 6:00 P.M. I called the Bishop and three others to administer to dear Alice. She suffered much during the night. Sunday, the 16th, I was called to administer to Sister Duffin who was made better. Lula and I fasted and prayed for dear Alice as she has been terrible sick. The Lord heard our prayers and Alice recovered. Sunday, the 23rd, held our conference at Pine Dale. Stayed at McCleve’s. Came back as far as Taylor with President Smith, There I loaded up with hay and on Tuesday, came home with my hay and found Alice much improved in health.

August 26

I repaired fence and attended a birthday party for my son Albert, twenty-three years. No water in town. Thursday, wrote to my son, H. E. Hatch. Fixed up sheds and mangers.

Friday, 28th

Took my wife, Lula, Sister Webb and children and drove to Taylor for stake conference. At High Council


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