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it was decided that all should pay up their assessments on the land purchases and that all were accountable to Church law and should be cut off if they did not live up to the decisions.

Friday was Young Men’s and Ladies’ conference. Good spirit prevailed. On Sunday we had Brother John Morgan with us. At Priesthood meeting, spoke on priesthood and that no man could be outside of same or that all must be subject to the laws of the Church. Monday, had a most enjoyable time and Brother Morgan gave much good counsel. I gave three blessings. Tuesday, we attended Sunday School Jubilee, a grand time. Elder Morgan was principal speaker. On Wednesday, we came to Snowflake and administered to Don Carlo Smith who was sick and also my daughter Adeline.

Home at 4:00 P.M. on Wednesday and a heavy rain fell and brought us some water in our ditches after a lack for over a week. Thursday, was fast day. Fasted and in P.M. worked team on dam also on Friday.

Sunday, September 6

President Smith and company (enroute to Tuba) came at 2:00 P.M. and spoke at our meeting. Our Bishop Webb had returned from Old Mexico and he gave a description of his trip and said the country was good enough for him. He told President Smith that he wanted to give up his Bishopric.

Monday, 7th

Went to St. Joseph on our way to the Moen-Kopy or Tuba Ward. [They went for their own ward conference.] We stayed at President Richards and he joined us. Went to Tuckers Ranch on Tuesday where we got good water, a distance of thirty miles. Here we organized: Allen Frost was elected Captain, L. H. Hatch as chaplain, President Smith as historian and Brother Frost and Cardon as singers.

In our company, President Smith and Richards, Brother Frost, Brother Cardon, wife, four children, Sister Emma Smith and Walter, Sisters Vina Freeman and Dena Smith, also L. H. Hatch.

Wednesday, we traveled twenty-five or thirty miles and camped. President Smith related, after prayer, a vision that he had thirty-five years ago. His guide was Joseph Smith and he went to the gates of Hell and to the heavenly land. Wednesday, went thirty miles and camped at Black Falls. I related my dream representing the restoration. Friday, we camped at the place where we leave the river. On Saturday, drove into Tuba. Was kindly received by the people. [All spoke at the various meetings on Sunday and Monday.] Thursday, I gave three blessings. We got some fruit, honey and. fish and started on our return trip. Went as far as Brother Bates’ and held a meeting. He had his Sunday School take part and truly the scriptures were recited in a very fine manner. Bade good-bye on the 16th, and went our way.

Sunday, 20th

Reached St. Joseph and held meeting there. All male members of our party spoke and Sister Emma Smith gave us some good talk. Monday, P.M., got a heavy rain. This was the heaviest rain of the season. During rest of week I watered land for wheat.

October 18

After my return from Tuba we had a visit from Apostle John Henry Smith. On October 18, he held a meeting at Snowflake. A High Council meeting was held on the 17th. Levi M. Savage was selected for Bishop of Woodruff. On the 19th, he was presented to the people of Woodruff and sustained. Bishop Webb was released on the 17th.

Coming from Tuba, while camped on the river, we met three teams coming from Utah enroute for Old Mexico.

October 26

Alice and I started to Apache with a load of freight. [It was a hard trip on both of them but they were able to return safely, stopping at the saw mill for lumber to bring home. They paused long enough to make a new wagon wheel. This was really needed. That night]…we held meeting with the people of Pine Top. I gave them counsel to reform and keep the commandments of the Lord. Told them that Pine Top would become a very important place. Drove to Bishop Hansen’s place. On Sunday, 1 November, held meeting in his ward. My subject was, “Follow the Dictates of the Holy Spirit.” Rely upon it. There are always, with all of us, two spirits. One that entices to do good and one that entices to do evil always contrary to good suggestions.

Started home on Monday. Had traveled but five miles as I walked beside the wagon, a tire broke. I stopped without breaking a felly and in a few minutes Brother Orin Kartchner came along. He had a broken wheel on his load and so I got the tire from it and proceded. Drove into Woodruff on November 4. It was fast day. We held a meeting and had a good and glorious time. I worked at putting in some wheat and finishing up some of my labors in that line.

Sunday, November 8

Bishop Savage was with us and we had a good meeting. [Took another load of freight to Apache. Alice did not go this time.]

Brother Karl G. Maeser came to this stake on November. 20, or thereabouts. Visited and preached at Woodruff, Snowflake and Taylor. He was greatly beloved.

Some proposed allowing round dancing

Friday, 27th

Went to conference in Snowflake. Considerable business. My son Ezra Taft Hatch was voted to preside over the Young Men’s organization of the Stake. I was disappointed as neither of my boys, John or Ezra were


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