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at conference. A petition was circulated and signed by many of the brethren to allow round dancing. A counter petition got up By Janet Smith with the help of Sister West, signed by nearly all the women, killed the first one and it was never presented. Shame on those that signed the first.

Monday at conference was a day of great rejoicing. Much of the power of God was manifested by the speakers. I never saw President Smith feel better. Brother Maeser had gone on to St. Johns. At our conference we were called upon to help build, that is complete, the Salt Lake Temple. A general conference was appointed for the four Arizona stakes of Zion to meet on the first Sunday of July, 1892, at Pine Top. Monday after conference was adjourned, I road home in company of Bela Gardner on horseback.

Election voting on constitution for Arizona

December 1

Held election. Voted on a constitution for the Arizona Territory. I was one of the judges. Next day, wrote to Catherine, H. E. Hatch and son Jeremiah. Worked on dam; had fast meeting on Thursday. Got forty pounds of flour and seventy pounds of beef.

Sunday, 6th

Bishop Savage came up from Holbrook and made arrangements for the coming holidays and I gave a short account of the recent conference held at Snowflake. Worked on dam with my team hauling rock Monday till Friday, P. M., and hauled one load of wood from Lower Valley. It was one of the most windy days. I made a door and fitted up the stove room at night. I read a sermon of Elder John Morgan’s and one by the Reverend A. J. Bailey of the Ogden Congregational Church. His text was, “My Kingdom is not of This World.” (St. John 18:36.) His sermon was lengthy, of the old style, no light, but a display of learning. He passed by the gifts of the spirit as referred to by Elder Morgan.

Filed claim for damages—horses stolen by Indians

Saturday, December 12

I got some papers from John Wedderhann, general manager for Indian claims for damage, 618 F St., New York. I filled out and forwarded my claims for horses stolen by Indians.

Bishop came up from Holbrook on Sunday. Only a few folks out. It was windy and snowed some and I dammed off water so that the streets would not be completely flooded. We had some remarks by the bishop and I spoke for a short time. Monday was a pleasant day for this time of year. Burt and I went for wood for Bishop Savage and he gave us $3.00 a load. By this means I got enough money to pay my taxes which were $26.21 for county and territory. I fixed a wagon for Orson Ellsworth and Charley Tyler drove my team on the dam. The balance of week I worked on the dam with

team. Ezra and Willard returned to Taylor on Saturday. Seems I have been the servant of all servants since this place was settled by myself, James Deans and Hans Guldbranson, February 1878.

Let me state here that our prospects are brighter than at any other time in our history. On the 18th, I sent a letter requesting L. L. Hatch to send me the Juvenile Instructor and the Deseret News. Sunday read the Juvenile to Alice as usual and we went to meeting.

December 21

I with Burt went with our teams to get cedar to start the apron of the dam. James Deans, Jr. went with us. We hauled two loads before dinner, each of us. I ate at 2:00  P.M. and returned for another load. It was beginning to blow and storm, but I went about two miles into the cedars, built a fire and warmed me, and then proceded to cut my load. The snow fell fast but got a big load about dark and started for home. The snow had nearly covered my tracks but I found my way. But as it was late and the storm severe. Burt came out to see what had become of me. I was glad to meet him and feel that he cared for his parent who loved him so deeply. He rode ahead and we got the load delivered in the midst of a fearful storm. All hands had left the dam at 3:00 P.M. Dear Alice was waiting my arrival and had a good supper and fire waiting for me.

December 22

I got a Mr. Hanson, Scandanavian, to help me kill my pig. It was a cold day and bitter night. Wednesday, we cut up the pig and salted the meat, which weighed 234 pounds. Alice desired to make her sausage and Hanson prepared the meat while she made the other arrangements. At 7:00 P.M. we were busy filling the sausages, had some trouble to get on as we desired. At half past 10:00 we ate our supper and retired to our bed.

Alice passes away

Thursday, 24th [Alice’s Passing]

Dear Alice was quite poorly. I greatly feared that she might leave us soon. I prayed earnestly for her. At 6:00 P.M. she told me that she felt too bad to prepare the apples and oranges for the Christmas tree. She got them and requested me to take them to Nora, my daughter, to be prepared for the grandchildren. This was done by my daughter Adeline. Alice was quite restless during the night. Christmas, Friday 25, she was no better but got up and tried to stay up but had to go back to bed. Heber (Burt) and Abbie came to see her. She said she was no worse and would soon be better and they left for Snowflake. I then felt greatly distressed and sorrowful being alone with a dear mother and companion who was failing fast. Christmas was indeed a solemn and lonely day. Nora came on Saturday and worked diligently to sweat her and bring some relief. At half past 11:00 P.M. she was in a most critical condition. Brother Dexter and I administered to her but her hands and feet were cold. I had two warm flat irons at her feet. Again I prayed


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