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earnestly for her, hoping that Lula would come before death should take her away. President Smith had spent the evening with me and had prayed earnestly for us. I had blessed her. I wished to send for Nora but did not dare to leave her. O, what was my feelings!! I held her until morning when Nora came. At 3:00 P.M. Lula came on the buckboard. It was Sunday, 27 December. We prayed for her at meeting and whilst at the meeting, I saw that our next assembly would be the funeral services for my dear wife. I lasted and prayed and saw she was fast passing away.

At 8:00 P.M. President Smith prayed for us and again we plead for her life, but at 11:00 P.M. she left us. I dedicated her to God. Brother Dexter was with me, Sister Lillywhite and my daughter Lula. We sent for Nora. Lula heart-broken, went to Dexter’s for the rest of the night. I sent for my boys and Nettie, sent a telegram to Loren, wrote to him and Jeremiah. My sorrow was beyond description. President Smith planned to be with us at the funeral which would be held on Tuesday.

Monday at 11:00 P.M. John, Ezra, Willard and Jane arrived. I stayed overnight with my daughter Adeline. She gave me great consolation. Tuesday, the 29th, the clothing and all needful arrangements being made, we attended to the solemn rites of conveying the coffin to our meeting house. As pall bearers, John, Willard, Ezra and Heber (Burt) placed their mother in the house where she had met to commemorate the Lord’s Supper so many times.

The house was full. President Smith’s text was taken from Psalms 24:3-5 and read from the 88th Section of the Book of Covenants. He spoke with great freedom, setting forth in great plainness the hopes and assurances of Sister Hatch. She had made her record of faithfulness. Her calling and election was sure.

Her four sons who were present each spoke of the faithfulness of their mother and bore a strong testimony of her teachings to them, to do right and to walk in the fear of the Lord. A telegram had come from her eighteen year old boy, Loren, at Logan. He expressed his great grief and sorrow. He has not seen his mother since he was four years of age. I will here state that my wife Alice left this boy to fulfill a mission to this land. He remained with my wife Sylvia and daughters, Ruth and Elizabeth, to whom he was warmly attached. I fully intended to take her back to see her son but we had not had the privilege.

I spoke of my early acquaintance with Alice. I met her in Bradford, England in 1856, a poor, bashful girl She came to Utah in a hand cart company with her mother, two sisters and brother John Hanson. Her love for me was unbounded. The last four and a half months have been the most cheerful and pleasurable time of her life.

We bore her to the grave at 4:00 P.M. and left her body in the peaceful dust. She has had all the ordinances of the Holy Temple and has done a great work for her

friends who have passed away. Trusting that I may so live that I may enjoy her society in the morning of the resurrection. All her children were present but Jeremiah and Loren. Bert and Abbie arrived on the 28th, at 3:00 P.M.

I went to James Deans for supper and then went to my house and bowed down at the bedside and earnestly prayed for myself and my dear children. Whilst in this condition John and James Shumway came for me and I went to Burt’s and held a council with my boys. Nora was there, (as was Abbie, Jane, Lula, Nettie, etc). All were filled with great sorrow and expressed a wish for my preservation and desired that I should cease from mourning. I visited with my family and neighbors. We had prayers. Slept at J. C. Owens house.

Wednesday, December 30

John, Jane and Ezra started for Taylor and this was one of the most windy of days. It blew a perfect hurricane. I visited with Addie and Nora and slept with Willard. During the night I gave him an account of my mission to Vermont in 1844. Told of my opportunities to be with the Prophet Joseph and Brigham Young, John Taylor and Wilford Woodruff. I charged him to take his place in the family and in the Church, The Lord requires great things at his hands. The next day, James Shumway and Nettie with Willard and Lula started for Taylor.

I was very lonely. I went to Burt’s to stay with him and Abbie. The following is a copy of a telegram received at 8:15 P.M., dated at Logan, Utah.

To L. H. Hatch, Woodruff

Woodruff via Holbrook, Arizona.’

Telegram received. All feel deeply the sad bereavement. May God comfort us all. Sent draft today for $50.00

J. L. Hatch

I received letters in answer to our telegram from Hezy, Sylvia, Ruth and Loren written on December 28, 1891. I will here record dear Sylvia’s letter.

My dear Companion,

We have a shock this afternoon. We all feel for you all. I do not know what to write to comfort you. We ought to be prepared for any event now days. I have had such poor health for years and Alice was so strong that I thought she would outlive us all but it seems that she was ready to go and the Lord saw fit to take her from us. May He that over rules us all bring comfort to you, is my prayer for you.

From your Companion, S. S. Hatch

Her name is Sylvia Savona and her maiden name is Eastman.

January 1, 892

I slept at Burt’s. Arose at 4:00 A.M. and wrote in my journal: Weather cold. Next day got a load of wood for Addie. Saturday, worked on a cupboard for Norey.


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