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All nets listed are 8:00 PM local time Monday: W5YM University WeatherNet (147.135+, 110.9) Tuesday: Washington County ARES Net (146.955-, 110.9) Wednesday: ARCUA Traffic Net (147.135+, 110.9) Thursday: ARKAN Traffic and Talk Net (146.955-, 110.9)

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Serving the Amateur Service

Newsletter of the Amatuer Radio Klub of the Arkansas Northwest

March 2005

Packet Radio


The ARKAN club's masters of packet disaster, John Robinson, KD5NFX, and Steve Barrington, N9NSO, will make a presentation on the state of packet radio in our area. They will also cover some of the basics of getting started in packet radio.

March 28, 2005 AGENDA

Club members sign in for drawings Call meeting to order Acknowledge and welcome visitors

Pres Note


Hello Everyone,

Business Meeting Reading of the minutes from February Minutes from February and

March Executive Committee Treasurer’s report

Old Business SSC appointments for PIO JOTA chair

New Business Door prize drawings Newsletter Meeting adjournment

VE Testing To follow meeting

Spring is finally here and ham radio activities will be ramping up in short order. ARKAN is holding a foxhunt for our April 9th Second Saturday Workshop. We will meet at the AR Air Museum at 10:00am to go over a few things about the foxhunt then move out to the foxhunt area. If you do not have foxhunting experience or equipment we will pair you up with someone that does so you can get the feel for how things work. If you have equipment for foxhunting, bring it along. Most of us simply use a portable 2m yagi and a HT for our foxhunting gear, with a few of the more experienced having a bit more sophisticated equipment. Now is the time to get started foxhunting with us. Our members now have two fox transmitters and the hunts will get larger and more sophisticated as time moves on. Come out and join us for the April hunt and have some fun.

Packet radio has been buzzing pretty well on 145.090 with several folks in NW AR playing around with vhf packet on a regular basis. If you have packet equipment tune to 145.090 and get in on the fun.

NEXT MEETING Monday, April 25

Don Banta, K5DB, shows how to get into the exciting world of DX.

Join the club for our next meeting. ARKAN meets at the Arkansas Air Museum at Fayetteville Municipal Field each fourth Monday of the month at 7 p.m.

I hope everyone is getting out and making it to some of the area hamfests this year. Hamfests are as much of a social event as a time to shop for those needed items and bargains. I always manage to run into people I know at any hamfest I have ever been to, including when I went to the Dayton, OH hamfest a couple years ago. Hamfests give us the opportunity to meet up with old friends and make new ones. This is also the best place to stock up on small parts that we always seem to need such as various connectors and cables. Hamfests are also a great place to look into the past at ham radio, with there usually being many old radios and pieces of equipment rich with history that people enjoy sharing with others.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the ARKAN meeting Monday March 28th!

73, John Robinson kd5nfx

ARKAN on the web at: www.arkan.us

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