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Now this was an ideal and most timely occurrence the Roman religion which, at the time, was looking for a much bigger and more powerful stick to wield, and with which to maintain its stranglehold over the congregation, warning that anyone tempted by one or more of the newly introduced “seven deadly sins”, namely – “limbo”, “lust”, “gluttony”, “greed”, “sloth”, “heresy” and “violence” would be "cast down" to the "fiery damnation" of this "Inferno", presided over by Lucifer, satan, “devil” for all eternity.

“Limboincidentally is the “gateway sin” at the threshold of "purgatory", which gave rise to the expression for those notionally between Earth and hell - “being in Limbo”.

The teaching of the Truth of Reincarnation had already been removed from the church doctrines some centuries before, so that people would not risk flaunting the church laws” in the knowledge that they would always come back for another go.

So you see, all of these doctrines have been contrived, distorted or added, not to lend understanding and value Eternal Teachings of Truth and Evolution of Humanity, but instead to turn the screws of power and control over billions of human beings in the face of an awakening people, awakening to the Real Truth of our Divine Nature.

Lucifer is in fact a metaphor for and symbolic of Individual Mind, which, while Evolving through the medium of the physical Universe is known as "Higher Self.

Higher Self manifests personalities, physical world as Ego, to collect further Evolutionary Experience.

Individual Mind was "separated" from Christ Mind, Source Mind "in the Beginning".

Before this "separation" All Mind was Unified as One Expressed as Perfection.

Now I should make it clear that all "separation" is an illusion - albeit a persistent, and for Now, for most, a necessary one. Ultimately there is only Mind, Source Mind, of which All is an Equal Aspect and Expression - All are One.

It is the Ultimate and Most Divine Objective of Lucifer Mind - Individual Mind - to Return to and Reunite with Christ Mind through the Process of Evolution Facilitated by Divine Freewill. Thus the Divine Circle is Complete but yet Eternal - without "beginning" or "end" in the Only Eternal Moment of Now.

Once the cycle of "incarnation" is complete, and an Expression of Higher Self, an Incarnation, a Personality achieves Full Potential - Enlightenment - then Ego Mind is no more and Higher Self assumes the identity of Final Incarnation becoming a complete, Individual Spirit in the Higher Realms of Vibration, moving on to much a Greater Role in the Grand Scheme of things, beyond the comprehension of the Earthly Mind. Yet this is the Glorious Destiny of All humans without exception.

Now You can be sure, Dear Reader, that I have no concerns about being "cast down" to the figment of a 14th century writers imagination - and neither should you, so live every Divine Moment in Joy, Love and Divine Expression, knowing that you have Infinite Power and no harm can ever come to you - it is absolutely impossible.

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