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The Perception Deception

Last week I mentioned that in today's Newsletter we would discuss The Principle of Expression - the way in which we Express Personal Experience as Source.

Now, on reflection, discussing The Principle of Expression in isolation would not be very meaningful. I would indeed be effectively asking you to accept it, just as people do the so called "Law of Attraction" and of course religious doctrines.

I have accordingly decided to divide this subject in to several Newsletters that we may, together, construct a full picture of the Entire Expression Process, that we may ultimately Understand and most significantly apply it from a position of Truth, Knowledge and Power.

Consider then the material world with which you have become so familiar from birth.

Everything you see around you - your PC, desk, chairs, drink, food - everything you almost certainly consider to be composed of "material" of some kind - exists only because your physical senses, your organic brain and your Conscious Ego Mind say these "things" really do exist and accordingly have substance and a basis in fact.

But what is "material"? How may "material" be defined?

"Molecules and atoms" you may reply.

But what do "molecules" and "atoms" consist of?

If you know much about physics you might reply "sub-atomic particles". You may even mention protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, leptons and so on.

But herewith is the paradox.

None of these "sub-atomic particles", including their derivative materials such as those constituting the physical, material Universe, actually does "exist" in reality.

This can be conclusively proven through Quantum Mechanics, although denied by all mainstream science which relies on the existence of "matter" as its basis.

Quantum Physicists know this paradox all too well as the "measurement problem".

Since sub-atomic particles are the fundamental constituents of "matter", the same apparent paradox must equally apply to the larger derivatives the same particles, namely elementary atoms, molecules and ultimately the chemical and organic compounds that form the very basis of the physical substance of "matter", from which everything you "interact with and possess" in your daily life is "made".

An even greater apparent paradox then is that as physical humans experience the physical world within the context of an organic, physical body, comprised of these same organic materials with its "organs", blood, bone and other life supporting tissues and systems, the human body then must also be ultimately composed of the

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