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same atomic and sub-atomic material as your physical environment. It therefore follows that your body is subject to exactly the same characteristics and paradoxes.

The question then is this:

Do these "building blocks" of "matter" have any "existence" or basis in fact at all?

When an organic chemist combines for example an acid and an "alkali" - a base - to bring about a chemical reaction, or combines complex organic molecules from the constituent basic carbon, hydrogen based "building blocks", the whole process must be carefully controlled measured, monitored, qualified, quantified and documented in order to record the "observed" "result" of the process if it is to be meaningful at all.

If the elementary atoms form the basis of molecules which in turn form the basis of the material compounds used to "manufacture products", the only conclusion that we can possibly arrive at, if we are to be totally objective, is that every "thing" that humans currently perceive as "materially real", only exist because someone chose to "subscribe", or "opt-in" to its very existence through the process of observation, supported by past experience, and in the belief in its reality or potential to "exist".

In other words the sense of material reality is an entirely programmed, i.e. learned response, arising from previous expectations arising from learned responses, experiences, and beliefs, as well as many other factors deeply embedded in the realms of the Subconscious Mind - or more correctly sphere of Subconsiousness.

This clearly adds a further level of factors to consider in the context of what is "real".

So let us now review that which already know about the role of the sense organs and organic brain in the role of perceiving your environment - your "reality" if you will.

Millions of sensory inputs per second received by the five organic sense organs are transmitted to the organic brain, which mechanically, without any sort of inherent intelligence or consciousness, automatically collates these electrical impulses, from which it produces a composite "image" or more accurately an "impression", compiled from and in accordance with extent and quality of the information received.

If the brain has been damaged in some way, e.g. through physical, trauma or medical condition such as an apoplexy or cerebrovascular incident, or toxicity of some kind, then its capacity to mechanically process the data presented by the five physical senses is compromised, along with its ability to compile an accurate and representative impression of its relationship with its environment to be forwarded to the Subconscious Mind.

As the computer programming community saying goes "garbage in, garbage out".

The "Mind" is still intact as is Consciousness, but as with a computer, if a circuit board, memory module or other component becomes faulty, the data being output cannot be relied upon, or may even present an erroneous output, resulting in confusion, disorientation, dissociation, as for example happens under the influence of alcohol, hallucinogenic, psychoactive or other "mind altering" substances.

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