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The organic brain is therefore analogous a super-computer, sending a stream of data to the Subconscious Mind as composite "images" or impressions.

The Subconscious Mind then, in accordance with ongoing thoughts feelings, emotions, beliefs, prejudices, expectations and other learned and programmed data originating within the Conscious Sphere of Mind activity during the current "life experience", re-processes the data before "outputting" the data to be displayed on the "screen" of the Conscious Mind.

It is this Impression projected on to the screen of the Conscious Mind which people then call their "experience", "sense of being", spatial awareness - indeed their "life".

Ultimately however it is the Conscious Sphere of Mind - the Ego - which both determines and accepts the nature of its own experience, so it is in fact a self- perpetuating illusion, which the Conscious Mind, the Ego subscribes to.

When so called "mentally disabled" people "die", in other words pass on to the Astral Realms - the Afterlife - even those with most profound "brain damage" are freed from the corrupted layer of processing of the damaged organic brain, now experiencing Mind directly, feeling "whole" once again, with as much "mental ability" as anyone, as if they were never subjected to the perceived limitations arising from the brain.

"Mentally disabled" people are not actually "mentally disabled" at all - they are "brain disabled". Such people experience perfectly "normal" dreams just as everyone else, simply because dreams originate within the sphere of the Subconscious Mind and Experienced by the Conscious Mind, not at some notional point in the organic brain.

The same applies to all physical or mental disabilities. Once a person is freed from the physical organic shell, they are freed from all restrictions, except to the extent that their Mind still believes that they are subject to them - this is usually temporary.

Moving on with the process of perceiving experience - the composite image from the organic brain is presented to the Subconscious Sphere of Mind, which then applies a set of learned "filters" based upon the lifetime of acquired beliefs - including religious beliefs - expectations, aspirations and all those other learned and programmed feelings, beliefs, thoughts, prejudices, expectations, reinforced by the emotions and learned responses from the Sphere of the Conscious Mind.

This "snapshot" of an "impression package" is then forwarded to the Conscious Mind as the completed "image" or perceived experience in that Moment, including all expectations, beliefs, biases, prejudices, social programming etc fully reflected and "factored in", which the Conscious Mind, Ego, happily accepts as "experience".

In fact the "experience" has been skewed by the Subconscious Mind to make it acceptable to the Conscious Mind, Ego, otherwise the Ego would summarily reject, or at least disregard it as false or illusory in some way. If this safeguard were not in place, the person would rapidly become confused, disoriented and even "psychotic", soon becoming unable to function at all within their physical environment.

Again, the Conscious Mind never, ever thinks to question the image presented, because the Subconscious Mind has ensured that it is already in complete alignment

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