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with ongoing learned and programmed expectations and beliefs. So the Conscious Mind, Ego, remains happy and feels secure within its own microcosm of experience.

But the crucial factor to consider is that in the case of most people who have no conscious Control or Power over their own experience, the Conscious Mind is perpetually subscribing to its own illusion - or delusion of its own making - an illusion that the Subconscious Mind always "satisfies and adjusts as necessary. So from the perspective of the person, their experience is always "correct" and "real", regardless of whether it is perceived as "good", "bad" or indifferent.

For example - if a person believes it is "cold" outside because they have looked out of the window and seen that it is snowing, the Subconscious Mind will always ensure that the Conscious Experience matches the Expectations. If a person saw that it was snowing, but upon leaving the house it felt hot and humid, considerable confusion might result. This is because the Conscious Mind has learned that "snow" is "cold".

If I walk around in cold weather with few "winter" clothes and people ask me why "I do not feel the cold", I would simply reply "because I choose not to".

If, as sometimes happens, the Conscious Mind does choose to reject the impressions presented to it by the Subconscious Mind, based upon the composite impression received from the brain and sensory organs, filtered through expectations, beliefs, prejudices etc, the person generally regards it as an "illusion", a "trick of the senses" and so on, thus easily explaining away and assimilating the experience without becoming mentally confused. This behaviour is a "safety valve".

This equally applies to all levels of human experience, from the personal to the collective, since all Mind is Ultimately One and therefore Intimately Connected and Inclusive at all levels of Mind, and Ultimately with All that Is within Universal Mind.

Therefore total "experience" from the perspective of each person, is a function of both Personal Subjective Experience and the Collective of all Personal Subjective Human Experience within the same Sphere of Consciousness, independent of time.

Now I hope this brief introduction has been sufficient to lay the foundations for a more in depth discussion of this most crucial aspect of Experiential Reality.

Next week we will move on to discussing the more specific process involved, which I have termed "The Experiential Loop"

Until next newsletter I wish you every Joy and may you always Express your Perfect Experience in the Only Moment of Now - Which is All There Is.

And so it is.

Brought to You In Divine Love and Light,


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