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P.121. S.A.Gorokhov, M.K.Polkovnikov, Y.V.Rodnov, A.P.Vorobiev (Institute for High Energy Physics, Protvino, Russia); V.V.Kashkovskiy, A.P.Potylitsyn, A.R.Wagner (Tomsk Poly- technic University, Tomsk, Russia)

The use of betatron gamma-beam for digital radiographic technique

The problem of creation of the most effective high intensity x-ray radiation sources for a digital diagnostics in medicine and other fields remains actual till now. In the work, ex- perimental results on design of digital radiographic set-up based on the bremsstrahlung source of betatron MB-6 are presented. Betatron has following parameters: electron en- ergy is 6 MeV, beam current is 100 nA, frequency is 50 Hz, dose rate on bunch axis is 35mG/minute at distance 1m, thickness of tantalum target is 0.6 mm. The set of 640 gal- lium arsenide detectors with size 0.2 0.2 2 mm3 with sensitivity in photon energy range up to 200 keV was used. The digital images of investigated object have been received by scanning technique. The use of thin betatron target allows avoiding self-absorption of bremsstrahlung photons in target. It will lead to increase in intensity of registered radia- tion by the detector and reduce an exposition time to achieve high level image quality and pattern contrast.

Alexandr Rudolfovich Wagner: BaronV@sibmail.com

P.122. V.G.Cherepkov, Yu.I.Golubenko, P.I.Kachalov, P.I.Nemytov, R.A.Salimov (Budker In- stitute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia); Yang Jingtian

Based on two electron accelerators ELV disinsector of a grain in China (capacity up to 1000 t/h).

Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics (Novosibirsk, Russia) in cooperation with Tsinghua University and other institutions of China created a grain disinfector in Guangzhou dis- trict. When the disinfector was designed an experience gained during operation of Odessa Port elevator disinfector was being used. Two production lines for grain treatment are lo- cated in the detached building. Each line capacity is 500 tone/hour. In spring 2006 two ELV-8 accelerators have been put into operation at the grain disinfector plant.

Dr. Viktor Cherepkov: cherepko@inp.nsk.su


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