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P.136. I.Agapov, G.Blair (Royal Holloway University, London, UK), N.Mokhov, S.Striganov (FNAL), T.Sanami (KEK)

Geant4 and MARS15 Benchmarking and Modeling of The ILC Radia- tion Environment

The International Linear Collider (ILC), currently under study, will run with high- intensity 250-500 GeV e- and e+ beams. Detector backgrounds, radiation loads and shielding are among the key issues in the design of the beam delivery system, machine- detector interface and extraction beam lines. The study of radiation resulting from the in- teraction of the beam halo with machine and detector components are based on simula- tions with the Geant4 and MARS15 Monte-Carlo codes. Results of the code benchmark- ing are presented for photo-induced neutron and muon yields from thick targets and shielding. Preliminary results of radiation studies for the ILC simulated with both codes are presented and discussed.

Dr. Ilya Agapov: agapov@pp.rhul.ac.uk

P.137. B.A.Frolov, V.V.Nizhegorodtsev (State Research Centre of Russia Institute for High En- ergy Physics, Protvino, Russia)

Simulation of negative ion extraction from a source with plasma emitter.

The two-dimensional simulation is carried out to develop a design for optics of the extrac- tion of negative ion beam from a duaplazmatron with cold hollow cathode The simulation model is axially-simmetrical system, the self-consistent code is based on the methods of boundary integrated equations and macro particles to simulate the ion extraction from plasma. The stripping of negative ions during the ray-tracing is taken into account. The optics of the extraction and formation of H ion beam with energy of 100 keV and current up to 30 mA is calculated. Two possible ion optics systems consisting of three and four electrodes are investigated. The experimentally observed beam extraction characteristics are in reasonable agreement with the code results.

Dr. Boris Frolov: bfrolov.ihep@list.ru


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