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D.Prasuhn (IKP – FZ, Juelich, Germany) From COSY to HESR

The High Energy Storage Ring proposed at the FAIR project will extend the hadron physics re- gime beyond the energy regime of COSY. Experiments for optimum cooling scenarios in the HESR and their modeling can be tested easily at COSY, where electron and stochastic cooling are in operation.

Dr. Dieter Prasuhn: d.prasuhn@fz-juelich.de

Yu.Shatunov for VEPP-2000 Team (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia) Status of VEPP-2000 Project

The new electron-positron collider VEPP-2000 with beam energy E=1 GeV and luminosity L=1032 cm-2s-1 is under construction at Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics. The report describes main features of machine optics and magnetic and RF elements design. First results of the ma- chine commissioning are given.

Prof. Yuri Mikhailovich Shatunov: shatunov@inp.nsk.su

Ya.Derbenev (Jefferson Laboratory, USA)

The Concepts for ELIC- a High Luminosity CEBAF based Electron-Light Ion Collider

A CEBAF accelerator based electron-light ion collider of c.m. energy from 20 to 65 GeV and luminosity from 1033 to1035 cm-2 s-1 with both beams polarized is envisioned as a future upgrade to CEBAF. The concept of luminosity of ELIC has been established based on high energy elec- tron cooling (HEEC), short ion bunches, very strong focus at interaction point, use of crab- crossing as a way to achieve very high bunch collision rate, and stacking an intense polarized ion beam while overcoming the space charge at injection to booster. Two steps upgrade scenario is under study: CEBAF accelerator-ring - ring scheme as the first step, and a multi-turn ERL - ring as the second step, to attain a better electron emittance and maximum luminosity. The spin po- larization of both beams and HEEC schemes will be discussed and illustrated, and numerical ex- amples will be presented.

Prof. Yaroslav Derbenev: derbenev@jlab.org


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