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    Brekhov, V.Leonov, V.Korchuganov, M.Kovalchuk, Yu.Krylov, V.Moiseev, N.Moseiko,

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    Odintsov, V.Ushkov, A.Valentinov, Yu. Yupinov (RRC Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, Rus-

sia) The accelerator complex work in Kurchatov Center of Synchrotron Radiation

An electron-positron collider VEPP-4M is under operation now at BINP. The main goal of the present run is the precise measurement of mass of ψ-family resonances and τ-lepton with the help of resonant depolarization technique. The status and recent results of the experiment are re- viewed.

Dr. Vladimir Nicolaevich Korchuganov: korchuganov@kcsr.kiae.ru

K.Batrakov, S.Sytova (Research Institute for Nuclear Problems of Belarus State University, Minsk, Belarus)

Numerical simulation of nonlinear effects in Volume Free Electron Lasers (VFEL)

First lasing of Volume Free Electron Lasers (VFEL) in mm wavelength range was obtained re- cently (NIM A483 (2002) 21). Theoretical investigations show that it is one of the effective schemes with volume distributed feedback (VDFB). In VFEL operation the linear stage quickly changes into the nonlinear one where most of the electron beam energy is transformed into elec- tromagnetic radiation. A detailed numerical analysis of this stage is necessary for experiment de- sign, optimal geometry determination and result processing. We proposed a mathematical model and numerical methods for VFEL modeling (Comp. Math. Math. Phys. 45(2005) 666). They are implemented in computer code VOLC (Math. Model. Anal. 11 (2006) 13). Different VFEL ge- ometries are investigated in light of future experiments on VFEL device at INP. VFEL is ana- lyzed as a dynamical system. Bifurcation points corresponding to transitions between different regimes of generation are considered. Dependence on position of bifurcation points on geometry of VDBF and other VFEL parameters are analyzed.

Dr. Svetlana Nikolaevna Sytova: sytova@inp.minsk.by


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