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V.Sajaev for the APS study team (ANL, USA)

X-ray slicing and compression using deflecting cavities in the Advanced Pho- ton Source: a feasibility study

Conventional third-generation light sources can provide radiation pulses with duration of the or- der of 100 ps. However, there is growing interest within the synchrotron radiation user commu- nity in performing experiments with even shorter x-ray pulses. It was recently proposed by A. Zholents et al. to use rf orbit deflection to generate sub-ps x-ray pulses. In this scheme, two de- flecting cavities are used to deliver a longitudinally dependent vertical kick to the beam, thus ex- citing longitudinally correlated vertical motion of the electrons. This makes it possible to spa- tially separate the radiation coming from different longitudinal parts of the beam. An optical slit can then be used to slice out a short part of the radiation pulse, or an asymmetrically cut crystal can be used to compress the radiation in time, or coordinate-time correlation in the x-ray pulse can possibly be used for time-dependent measurements. In this paper we present a feasibility study of this method applied to the Advanced Photon Source. We find that the pulse length can be decreased down to a 1 ps range using superconducting deflecting cavities.

Dr. Vadim Sajaev: sajaev@aps.anl.gov

P.Budz, K.Buerkamnn, M.Abo-Bakr, W.Anders, O.Dressler, V.Duerr, J.Feikes, H.Georg Hoberg, P.Kuske, R.Lange, J.Rahn, T.Schneegans, E.Weihreter, G.Wuestefeld, (BESSY GmbH, Berlin, Germany); D.Kraemer (GSI, Darmstadt, Germany); I.Churkin (Budker Institute of Nu- clear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia); R.Klein, G.Ulm (PTB, Berlin, Germany).

Status of Metrology Light Source in Berlin

For more than 25 years, the Physikalisch-Technische-Bundesanstalt (PTB) uses synchrotron ra- diation at the storage rings BESSY I and II for photon metrology in the spectral range of UV to x-rays. Since decommissioning of BESSY I (1999), there is a gap in the spectral range of UV and EUV wavelength due to the higher electron energy of BESSY II. Thus, in 2003, the Metrol- ogy Light Source (MLS), an electron storage ring of low energy, was approved as central in- strument in the future Willy Wien Laboratory (WWL). Design, construction and operation of the MLS are realized by BESSY, based on the PTB requirements for a permanent accessible radi- ometry source, optimized for the spectral range between UV up to VUV. The MLS is tuneable in energy between 200 MeV and 600 MeV, designed for currents between 1pA up to 200mA. Civil construction of WWL in the close vicinity to BESSY is nearing completion. The assembly of the MLS is running, commissioning of the 100MeV Microtron is scheduled for summer 2006, while commissioning of the storage ring will start in spring 2007. Regular user operation will begin in January 2008. A status and an overview on the construction of the MLS are given.

Dr. Peter Markus Budz: budz@bessy.de


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