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Bogdanov, S.Kozub, V.Pokrovsky, L.Shirshov, P.Shcherbakov, V.Sytnik, L.Tkachenko, V.Zubko, J.Kaugerts, G.Moritz (IHEP, Protvino, Russia)

Investigations concerned with development of SC dipole for the SIS 300 accel- erator

GSI, Darmstadt, is planning to build FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research). This facil- ity will include the SIS300 stage, a fast-ramping heavy ion synchrotron with a rigidity of 300 T- m, based on 6-T, 100-mm coil aperture superconducting dipoles, ramped at 1 T/s. This article presents investigations concerned with development of the SC dipole for the SIS 300 accelerator. Measured characteristics of the most suitable steels for the iron yoke as well as of superconduct- ing cable are presented. The results of a study of experimental and calculated differences be- tween straight and bent dipole coils are shown. Optimization of geometries from the viewpoint of magnetic and mechanical characteristics was carried out.

Leonid Semenovitch Shirshov: Leonid.Shirshov@ihep.ru

D.Kayran, V.N.Litvinenko, I.Ben-Zvi (Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA)

Status of High Current R&D Energy Recovery Linac at Brookhaven National Laboratory

We present the design and the parameters of a small test Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) facility, which is under construction at Collider-Accelerator Department, BNL. This R&D facility has goals to demonstrate CW operation of ERL with average beam current in the range of 0.1 - 1 ampere, combined with very high efficiency of energy recovery. The heart of the facility is a 5- cell 703.75 MHz super-conducting RF linac with HOM damping. Flexible lattice of ERL pro- vides a test-bed for testing issues of transverse and longitudinal instabilities and diagnostics of intense CW e-beam. ERL is also perfectly suited for a far-IR FEL. We present the status and our plans for construction and commissioning of this facility.

Dr. Dmitry Kayran: dkayran@bnl.gov

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    Ageyev, A.Bakay, E.Kashtanov, S.Kozub, M.Muraviev, A.Orlov, P.Slabodchikov,

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    Khartchenko, S.Zintchenko (IHEP, Protvino, Russia)

Commissioning of superconducting radiofrequency separator cryogenic sys- tem

The cryogenic and vacuum system is built to cool by superfluid helium at 1.8 K two niobium cavities of the RF superconducting kaon separator being under construction at IHEP. First com- missioning runs were carried out. During the last run both cavities were successfully cooled down to the operating temperature and cryostated for several days. System description, test re- sults and planned improvements are presented.

Alexander Pavlovitch Orlov: orlov@ihep.ru


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