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A.Gromov (Institute of Nuclear Researches of the Russian Academy of sciences, Moscow, Rus- sia)

Race-track microtron on 50 MeV with a small number of orbits.

The description of mathematical model of a race-track microtron on 50 MeV is submitted. One of features of the accelerator consists in the fact, that the accelerator section of a microtron has the significant transverse sizes (e.g. a cryostat of superconducting section). For detour of such section by the beam on the first revolution, frequency rate of acceleration is increased up to four. Other feature is application of injection directly in accelerating section at rather low energy of a beam. A gain of energy of a beam per revolution - 10 MeV, number of revolutions - 5, energy of injection - (0,8 - 1) MeV. The done modeling has shown, that phase-energy area, from which particle are captured in the mode of acceleration, allows to receive on an output the intensive ac- celerated beam. Transverse focusing a beam is carried out by the poles, creating a field of an op- posite direction along a gap of bending magnets. Also before an input in accelerator section and after section quadrupole singlets are put. Such system of focusing provides transverse stability of a beam for all orbits.

Anatol Mikhailovich Gromov: gromov@cpc.inr.ac.ru

V.Parkhomchuk (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia); A.Papash (Joint Institute Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia)

8 MeV H- cyclotron to charge the electron cooling system for HESR

A compact cyclotron to accelerate negative Hydrogen ions up to 8 MeV is considered the opti- mal solution to the problem of charging the high voltage terminal of the Electron Cooling Sys- tem for High Energy Storage Ring at GSI (HESR Project, Darmstadt). Physical as well as tech- nical parameters of the accelerator are estimated. Different types of commercially available cy- clotrons are compared as a possible source of a 1 mA H- beam for HESR. An original design based on the application of well-established technical solutions for commercial accelerators is proposed.

Dr. Oleksandr Ivanovich Papash: papash@jinr.ru


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