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N.N.Alexeev, D.G.Koshkarev, B.Ju.Sharkov (Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics, Moscow, Russia)

ITEP-TWAC Facility Progress Report

The ITEP-TWAC facility is in three years of operation with proton and ion beams in several modes of acceleration and accumulation by using the multiple charge exchange injection tech- nique. Some progress is achieved in laser ion source technology development, in output ion beam current of the linear injector I3, in intensity of the buster synchrotron UK, in efficiency of ion beam stacking and longitudinal compression in the storage ring U10. The machine status analysis and current results of activities aiming at both subsequent improvement of beam pa- rameters and extending beam applications are presented

Dr. Nikolay Nikolaevich Alexeev: nalex@itep.ru

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    Kamerdjiev, Yu.Korotaev, I.Meshkov, D.Prasuhn, A.Sidorin, A.Smirnov, J.Stein,

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    Stockhorst (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia); J. Dietrich, R.Maier

Electron Cooling of Proton Beam at COSY and S-LSR

Results of experimental studies of the electron cooling of a proton beam at COSY (Juelich, Ger- many) are presented. Intensity of the proton beam is limited by two general effects: particle loss directly after the injection and development of instability in a deep cooled ion beam. Results of the instability investigations performed at COSY during last years are presented in this report in comparison with previous results from HIMAC (Chiba, Japan) CELSIUS (Uppsala, Sweden) and LEAR (CERN). An influence of secondary ions stored in cooling electron beam was studied, the results are presented. The methods of the instability suppression, which allow increasing the cooled beam intensity, are described. Electron cooling at COSY was also investigated at ex- tremely low proton current. Experimental results for the attempt to achieve of ordered state of proton beam is presented. This work is supported by RFBR grant # 05-02-16320 and INTAS grant #03-54-5584.

Prof. Igor Nikolaevich Meshkov: meshkov@jinr.ru

M.Steck, P.Beller, K.Beckert, C.Dimopoulou, F.Nolden , A.Dolinskii, V.Gostishchev (GSI, Germany)

Cooling of Secondary Beams

The storage ring ESR at GSI is equipped with stochastic cooling and electron cooling. For ex- periments with rare isotope beams a combination of stochastic pre-cooling and final electron cooling provides shortest cooling time and highest beam quality. In the FAIR project cooling of rare isotope beams and antiprotons is required. An overview of the proposed cooling systems of the FAIR project will be given.

Dr. Markus Steck: M.Steck@gsi.de


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